Automation testing has now taken an important place in the Software industry and this is the prime reason that companies are nowadays looking for Selenium certified professionals.

You might be doubtful about whether or not learning Selenium will help you kick start a career in software testing. Well, if these questions are confusing and stopping you to learn Selenium, this post will give you strong reasons to learn Selenium. Selenium is an open-source tool and can be used on any browser that makes it much of use for everyone. Let discuss all key reasons here that prove that learning Selenium is worthy.

Importance of Selenium

Technology is changing everything around us day by day. Software and web development have done a lot to bring this change. Automation has indeed cut human efforts up to some extent and reduced the manual jobs. The number of customers on the internet or internet users is increasing every day. With this wide range of internet audience, the important thing is that web application and software should work correctly for the function they have been developed. To check this accuracy, software professionals are using the Selenium tool for all testing related jobs. Therefore, Selenium has contributed a lot to correct software development. Hence, it would be great for you to make a career in this line. In this post, I will share some other reasons also to help you understand how Selenium is important for you to boost a career.

Selenium is an open-source tool

Selenium is a free tool and easily accessible to all. Any organization can use this tool to test web-based applications or websites. Selenium WebDriver is extremely useful for those coding professionals who are interested to learn automation testing. There are two main reasons behind why Selenium is better than other tools – first, you don’t need any license to use this tool and second, its functionalities are not as complicated as other tools.

Selenium is creative and data-driven

Selenium's tool follows the data-driven and creative approach that make it interesting among the learners. During the process of software testing through Selenium, you will get to know so many innovative methods. This job is similar to a detective but since you will come across various new terms every day, you will enjoy learning this tool. Users have to deal with various cases and sometimes challenging situations inspire them to think more creatively. The data-driven approach helps you understand everything related to a web-based application and thus boost knowledge related to an application.

Various Frameworks are available in Selenium

Frameworks are just like templates. You need to change only a few lines of coding to make any changes instead of writing the whole code. Some frameworks are Hybrid testing, data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing, module driven testing and so many.

Selenium is parallel and distributed testing

More than one Selenium test can be performed at a time on the same system or various remote systems. Selenium Grid is used to execute test cases on remote systems. By running the test cases parallely in the same machine or distributive manner on remote machines, testers save a lot of time and effort. Also, if you have zero interest to set Selenium Grid in your machine, simply use the online Selenium Grid. For example, LambdaTest that provides over 2000 browser environment that you can use to perform cross-browser testing for various apps.

Selenium Testing seems a repetitive job but it is not!

Users should always believe that growth is obvious in the Selenium testing job. You may be thinking that testing a job is similar in all the projects but this is not true. Not all software and web applications have the same type of glitches or bugs, they all have different nature. By carefully examining the software applications, you will understand more and figure out the errors. Finding bugs is very interesting and due to this reason, this job is found more interesting.

Fewer Limitations on Designing Test Cases

You can design the test cases for Selenium testing either by applying the programming language or record approach. If you are not much aware of how to write script coding in WebDriver, it is suggested to use IDE for recording tests and choose any programming language to export the programming concepts. Selenium WebDriver is used to write a script of test cases by using any programming logic while Selenium IDE is used to record test cases and export it later into a programming language to run a WebDriver test case.

An important part in DevOps lifecycle

Earlier companies were using the Waterfall and Agile approach but they are now replacing it with DevOps and this is the prime reason that Selenium has become an important part of DevOps. There are only a few numbers of testing tools that have qualified the criteria of DevOps tool since DevOps prefers the use of free tools. Another reason is since most of the solutions in the modern world are being moved to the cloud, hence, the use of a web-based testing tool is increasing and made the Selenium tool more popular.

No need for the specific operating system, browsers, and hardware

Since there are no special requirements for Selenium, it makes it more worthy. There is no need for a system having more RAM or hard disk storage. Also, you don't need to install special operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac rather you can use the Selenium testing tool easily on the system that you are using for personal purposes. The only job you have to do is testing websites or web-based apps on any browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. 

Selenium can be integrated with other tools easily

The integration of the Selenium tool with other open-source tools is simple. There are many tools used in DevOps or for some other purpose are open source and very useful, this is why many companies use it. When these tools are integrated with Selenium, it is very useful in automating various processes.

High demand for Selenium Testing Professionals

None of us can deny the fact that there are so many people who are using or willing to use Selenium for the testing process. With the increasing use of the Selenium tool, companies are looking for Selenium experts actively. The Selenium tool testers are good paid professionals who help a lot to grow a business by identifying bugs in software.


At the end of this post, I hope you have understood now how Selenium is important and can help you grow in a career. You don’t need to develop extraordinary skills for learning Selenium rather just a consistent practice would be enough to learn this testing tool. I am sure these reasons are enough for you to understand how Selenium is changing the picture of the software industry!

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