Are you a good driver? You will agree with most skilled drivers have been to a driving school and have practiced well Many have taken their driving lessons seriously but the problem comes during the driving test. Some of them fail their final exam as a result of simple avoidable mistakes. The top mistakes that they make are;

i. Observation at junctions -Are you keen while you are on the wheel? Many people fail their exams because of lack of sufficient observation skills at junctions thus it becomes hard for them to turn into a new road easily and safely. Always ensure that you are observant to avoid causing other drivers to change their speed and direction. Make a stop at signs so that you can allow proper observation.

ii. Parking - Many students usually have a lot of trouble when parking; they mess up when trying to park especially when it's reverse parking. To improve on your parking skills, concentrate and practice so that you can become accurate.

iii. Moving off safely - People fail their driving test because they fail to move off under full control or without checking properly. When they fail to check mirrors and blind spots, they cause everyone else to change speed or direction as they do so.

iv. Mirrors - Most drivers on test forget to check the mirrors when changing lanes. It is very important to look in the mirror before changing speed or direction so that you can act on what you see.

v. Failing to signal - Most people forget to signal which is a common cause of failure in the test. They may forget to apply a signal at the right time to alert other road users of their intentions or they may apply a confusing signal.

vi. Positioning - You should make sure they are in the correct position for the direction you are taking. Additionally, always make sure that you get in the correct lane early, look out for road signs and markings before proceeding.

vii. Reversing - Many people find it really difficult to reverse around a corner or to reverse into a slide road on the left. To be good at reversing, good observations are very important.

viii. Steering control - Most people lack steering control; you need to steer at the correct time for the speed you are driving at to maintain road position and control. If you are taking a tight turn, then the speed should be slower and ensure you have selected the correct gear.

ix. Turn in the road - This is a very common reason for failing a driving test. You should be able to move around while showing good control with all round observations such as checking on the rear view while reversing.

x. Speed - If you hold up traffic as a result of slow driving, you are likely to fail your exam. When you drive slower than normal, it's seen as a driving fault.

It's normal to be nervous before taking your driving test. But you don't have to! If your driving instructor feels that you are good enough, then you should proceed without worry. Practice and follow your instructions while on the road. Remember to mind road users when driving, it's essential.

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