With the demand-supply as high as it is in the iOS market, we would expect the employers to be more lenient with their required skills. But that is where you are wrong. The iOS market is cut-throat, and sincerely speaking, an experience that proves disheartening for a lot of amateurs seeking to make a kill in this high-paying field. Daunting as it may seem, getting a job as an iOS developer is as easy as these ten quick steps.

Passion is Key when it comes to iOS Application Development

The salary is at a high, yes, but it takes more than a pay-cheque to keep you in the job. Dedication comes naturally when you love what you do and which employer doesn't love themselves a dedicated iOS developer? Many have gone into the iOS application development career with nothing but the money in mind and ended up quitting few years down the line. Job offers will flow when you are passionate and dedicated to your craft.

Determine which iOS Developer Level you fall in

Perspective is vital when it comes to making the cut in some of these jobs. Knowing which iOS level you fall in is one way of gaining perspective. An iOS developer, according to his or her level of experience, falls into these categories; entry-level developer, junior developer, mild-range developer, and the mid-range developer.

You fall into the entry level when you have less than a year of experience, while the junior level is for those whose experience level is less than a year's. Consequently, iOS developers with 3-5 years' experience are categorized under the mid-range level while those whose experience is over five years are in the mid-range level.

Apply for the job level position you fall under; your chances become way higher.

How Qualified are you?

Qualified in this case refers to how well-versed you are with the nitty-gritty of iOS application development and iOS development services. Many institutes offer training on iOS. Do not settle for mediocre, do your research well, and pay for the best institute in the game. With the institutes comes a myriad of courses, each dedicated to iOS.

Under qualification is never an attractive option.

Always be up with the new when it comes to iOS Technologies

Employers want a modern and dedicated iOS developer, the kind that is still keeping up with new trends and advancements in the market. Be that developer if you aim to score a chance with these companies. Employers want their content to appeal to the modern 21st-century market, and one way to do that is employing an up-to-date employee.

Join an iOS Developer's Team or Community

You cannot apply for a job you do not even know exists. Talk to your iOS developer brother or friend and ask them to keep you up-to-date with any upcoming job interviews and opportunities. Learn from your iOS developer's team and get to know what the employer wants. You always have the upper hand when you are acquainted with the employer's mind.

Have your iOS Application

This needs to be not just another APP, but a faultless app. developing your iOS app has to top your list of priorities. Do your investigation and come up with a list of apps the market needs, from there, choose the one that will display your expertise best.

You have to have something to show your future employers and while at it, it has to shock them speechless, in the right way, of course. One that is looking for a job in Apple, for example, has to develop an app that is equal or at per with the company's standards.

Have a Deep Knowledge of Web Services

The thing about iOS job interviews is that you never know what kind of questions they are going to ask. To be safe, think, and breathe everything web services. The codes you write need to be ones that interact well with the interweb. To achieve this, you need to be well versed in web services, JSON, databases, asynchronous processes, and REST APIs.

Some jobs will require you to set up a web service as a supplement of your iOS app, although the practice is not that common nowadays. These jobs, therefore, look for employees that have an in-depth knowledge of web services. Tick this box to be safe.

Attend iOS Conferences

You learn more while with others than you do while on your own, and that is why an iOS developer's team is essential. Attending iOS conferences helps you meet and interact with people in the same field. From this, you get to know what the others are talking about, which is an excellent way to add in your knowledge. Knowing somebody who knows somebody could also come in handy when securing that job, even if it is just a few week placements in your dream company.

Be well prepared for your job interview

It is all about what meets the eye when it comes to job interviews. Dress well for the interview and most importantly, search some of the questions you should expect from your future employers. Alternatively, you could have a senior developer or someone already in the market conduct a mock interview with you. Have them take you through some of the questions they were asked and let them give you an advice or two when it comes to securing that job.

Be Patient

Patience. Lots and lots of perseverance is required of anyone looking to have their dream job as an iOS developer. As previously stated, the job is high paying with developers making up to $80,399 yearly. Expect the job opening to be highly competitive because, in actuality, it is going to be. Expect a lot of no's and learn to see them as learning opportunities instead of failures. Be a dedicated iOS developer and learn to be patient with your journey.


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