There are countless mobile app agencies out there that will happily take your money, but not many of them are essentially very good at offering the results you are expecting. When it is easy to sign on the dotted line and begin doing business with the first one that comes together and promises you the world, it is better than you do your due diligence first and asks them some probing questions. This way you know that you are getting worth of your money. This is the reason it pays to ask the right questions of any mobile app agency that you are thinking of doing business with – before you take the plunge into iOS app development. Spending a little extra upfront lets you know that agency that you are considering can spare a lot of headaches, money and time with very little time to show for it. What if I told you that you can avoid all these issues while following your template for questions to ask app developers before doing business with them?

Well, studies are all over the place when it is about the exact cost of developing a mobile application. But when you are going to spend all your money on an app developer ensure that you get the worth of your money.

Here are a few questions you should be asking any agency before you spend money on them for getting an app developed.

Question 1: Can I have a look at the Apps you already built?

A quality app developing company will always display earlier built applications for complete transparency. Though technical expertise also plays a great role, there no alternative for actual experience and results in the development process. The prospective agency needs to be more than happy to showcase the applications that they have already built their portfolio. This is one of the best ways to make out if you will get a good return on your investment.

If the prospective agency does not have any portfolio of good results, you need to beware. If their portfolio speaks of good results, then it is certainly a reliable agency. In addition to this, check out if you can locate on the web app reviews and ratings for earlier apps that an agency has already built. In fact, asking an agency to tell you how highly the app they have built, if they have ranked in the app store or if they have been featured, is a wise move or not.

Question 2: May I have a word with some of your Past clients whose apps were in the same industry as mine?

You need to check the company’s references on different review sites. Or it may also be done by asking for the contact information of other clients that did some work with the mobile app agency you prefer to do business with.

This is one of the crucial questions to ask which lets you get a more impartial and independent look at how well an agency that you are considering has performed for the clients in the earlier days. Talking with the past clients offer you insight on how the agency handled the relationship throughout the process. If you can have a word with those clients who are in the same industry, that feedback will be more helpful.
Ask all these past clients how any agency did with the deadlines, how it dealt with the pressure and how it will communicate with them throughout the process. How agency handled their issues is a good indicator of how they will deal with you on your application.

Question 3: What is the App Development Process – Like if you do agile development?

It is really important for you to know how an agency operates in the most critical times – when they are working on your application. You need to know how long the agency’s latest project took, what were some unexpected problems that arose during the process and what did the agency do to solve them. Knowing all this empowers you to make out if you are going to work with a reliable agency that knows the way to respond on the fly to challenges and can, therefore, offer successful applications.

Practically, only business with an agency does agile development. Agile developers look forward to getting things done more effectively and have a better approach to the minimum viable product (MVP).

Question 4: Can you explain your development services in detail? What are the technology services of your company?

Most of the mobile app development companies apparently outline their services on the website. You just need to know if the agency performs the required beta testing – or if they do it at all. See if the agency is going to develop your application but without any quality assurance to back up all the work they did for you.

Any reputable application agency has to offer through development services like:

Literal App development
Business analysis
Quality testing
Successful Launch
Sadly, when you fail to ask the exact questions before starting the work with that specific company, you may become a victim to app agencies ripping you off. You will get to know that you are about to get ripped off by an agency if they:

Pressure you to sign any document as be all ends of the entire project
Create an inflexible document outlining all the requirements rigidly or scope of your application project.
Pushing you to sign any fixed document and time agreement.
Waste extra time on deducing how much they will charge you for and how long complete app
The development process will take.
Eventually, try to complete the project as soon as they can and with little efforts, in order to move on to the next, paying client.

Question 5: What’s your Bandwidth Like?

Application development is a volatile process with plenty of moving parts. Issues like changing the key features of your application will come up as you all of a sudden recognition that something in your prototype needs improvement. That’s completely good, in fact it is a part of the healthy development process.

However, if the agency that you have chosen does not have the most dedicated manpower which is always available to attend to these change requests, then it is something problematic.

You need to figure out how many recent projects the agency is working on, so that you can determine if there will be any developers working on your application. And then always ready to respond to the change requests.

If you are having any trouble in finding out this answer for some non-disclosure agreements, just try other means to determine this. You need to get on the agency’s blog to see if they make any announcements about any other recent projects, or check out the web for any press release by the agency that would spread some light on what they are working on.

Question 6: How experienced are your developers who will be working on my app?

You need to be certain that the agency developers are able to build the features and functionality that you want in your application. Remember basic app developer skills are important.

You would want to have reviews and ratings included in the app somehow. Your app may also need to be able to talk to the recent back-end software.

Even if there is no straight experience by the developers at an agency, you need not to give up, just yet. The developers of an agency need to be able to tell you how they would implement any proposed functionality or feature any particular plugins or frameworks that would be helpful. Offering you some insight into other applications with similar features and functionality also need to be volunteered.

Question 7: Ask for any developer’s profiles, and look for some of these crucial pieces of information.

Contact information
Bio or about section that does not include only professional details like work history and education, but also some tidbits on hobbies and personalities.
A portfolio that highlights the developer’s specific past work experience/history.
List of some relevant skill set
The personal projects are done for professional enhancement, like some blog, website or HTML5 game.
Past project information that is contextual and includes details of the project and who the client was.
Social media profiles for Linkedin and Github
Development of specific education credentials
Professional headshot for reorganization purposes
A downloadable resume
List of any special accolades or special awards

Question 8: What are your design principles and approach to user experience in app development?

Since features are very important, design and the user experience in an application never needs to be sacrificed. Without any great UX and design, your application will suffer from a lack of popularity and users.

Since Apple and Android apps account for around 5 million exclusive applications altogether, one of the best methods to make your application stand out is superior design and UX. Users are able to tell if an application’s usability is poor right from the bat. Any worthy agency will succeed in designing an aesthetic application that is a joy to use at the same time.

Question 9: Will you take the responsibility to maintain my app after launch?

Once the application is launched in the app marketplace, the job is not completely done yet. With time, you need to do things like:

Fix some bugs
Release the updates
Add new functionality and features
In simple words, your application is breathing, a living product that needs continuous maintenance:

Your agency needs to work with you to come up with an application support and maintenance program for this specific reason, no matter if it is an hourly rate for one-off updates or a monthly fee for regular support. Ensure that you determine what their policies are for:

The cost per release
The alternatives and reliability of their post-launch support
How they mainly handle the bug fixes.
Question 10: Do you understand my business customers/ business?

It is imperative that the agency you are doing business with understands your own target audience and your business model as well. So they can tailor the application they design to your consumers in a relevant method.

If the agency won’t take any time to understand your consumer needs and wants, they are certainly not going to succeed in developing an application that speaks to their behaviors.

Also, look for the developers that have clients in your own industry. With this, it means that already have an idea of what your user base wants. In any case, just sit down with the developer and interact to them about your consumers, so that they can understand that segment for UX purposes.


Those with an app vision, unfortunately, end up choosing the wrong application agency all too often, which mainly leads to the wasted time, effort and money. In this article, I just wanted to help you cut through this problem while identifying the 10 most important questions that you should be asking any prospective agency you plan on getting in business with.

When it comes to application development t, there’s a lot more to consider than simply the project budget tor development cost. Since building an aesthetic application is wonderful, ask yourself what it takes to get you there.

The developers at the agency you want need to have some technical expertise, accountability, communication skills, understand your consumers and work history building successful applications. Beyond this, an agency as a whole needs to have a really transparent procedure and identify that any code they write belongs to you

When you ask any prospective agency all these questions, you’ll be much closer to successfully making your app vision come true.

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