The people fed up with pubs, nightlife and bars usually take weekend tour away from the main city. This is to relax their mind with Mother Nature. They enjoy the fresh air cool weather and love to take a bath in the lakes, waterfall, and rivers. There are many such places near Bangalore. These are mentioned below.

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Places To Visit Near Bangalore For An Amazing Weekend

1. Mysore:

Mysore is the best place for weekend getaways by the Banglorites. You can be free from all sorts of pollution by spending your time in resorts in the outskirts of Mysore. These are on the riverside of the Cauvery.

2. Coorg:

This is an all season hill station near to Bangalore. You can spend your weekends with Mother Nature. It is a cool and calm place untouched by modernization. You can stay in traditional resorts and tree homes in Kodagu.

3. Chikmagalur:

This is a popular hill station for the Banglorites to spend their weekends. You can do trekking, camping and access its top mountain peak. You can see the beauty of the coffee plantation from this height (2000 meters) above the mean sea level. This place will really relax your mind.

4. Nandi Hills:

You will feel heavenly once you reach the top of Nandi hills. You must reach here before sunrise to see the mist flowing like clouds beyond you or the peak. It is a heavenly place to see this mist formation during the sunrise. There are also many resorts available here where you can spend your weekends.

5. Ramanagara:

If you wish to spend your weekend with adventure, the Ramanagara near Bangalore is the best place to hide out on the weekends. It boasts rolling hills with rigid mountain terrain. You can do rappelling on this hill. Trekking this hill to reach its top is also an adventure activity.

6. Kanakpura:

It is just 60-km away from Bangalore. There are many lakeside resorts near to the Hosadoddi Lake. This is a scenic village too. You can relax in those resorts with your family and friends during the weekends. This is a forest area in Kanakpura.

7. Dandeli:

It is a famous hill station untouched by modernization. This is the best place to go for river rafting, trekking and nature tour. It has one of the rich exotic places of the Western Ghats. You can stay in traditional resorts and taste the local food.

8. Antaragange:

It is an amazing place for night camping by the Banglorites. This is a place is with rolling hills and natural caves. People spend their weekends in these caves and on the hilltops. They set bonfire and do fun activities by sitting near the fire.

9. Sakleshpur:

This is a tea plantation area on the Western Ghats sloping towards Karnataka on the Western side. This is a forest reserve and a scenic place to spend your weekends. The Bisle View Point is the best place to relax by viewing the beauty of this place from its peak.

10. Ooty:

This is all season weekend getaway place for the Banglorites. You can do water adventure, forest safari, mountain trekking and relax with the cool breeze near the lakes. It has many Mountain View resorts where you can soothe your eyes by seeing the tea plantation. You can also go for trekking in the forest reserve area of Ooty.

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