The Coorg or Kodagu in Kanada is an exotic place to visit once in Karnataka. This place rests on the lower ranges of the Western Ghats. It is a silent valley to stay in peace with the Mother Nature. It boasts rivers, waterfalls, lakes, mountain trekking trials, forest trials and stay in Coorg tree house.

Before booking Bangalore to Ooty package online you must also check Coorg tour package. No doubt Ooty is the most beautiful destination in south India but Coorg also a good option located in southwest Indian state of Karnataka. the below mentioned places are included in your Coorg tour package.

Beautiful Places To Visit In Coorg:

1. Abbey Falls:

This is a picturesque waterfall of the River Cauvery passing through the Madikeri village. You can visit here to take a bath and swim in its cascade in the months in-between November and March. The monsoon season June to September is not favorable to take a bath or swim due to water flowing in high pressure.

2. Brahmagiri Peak:

You will be trekking through the green meadows, forestland and streaks of the Western Ghats to reach this peak. When you reach the peak, you will be at an altitude of 5,276 ft above the mean sea level. You can see the exotic beauty of the Kodagu from this viewpoint. The mountain mist will touch you like the heavenly clouds.

3. Dubare Elephant Camp:

This is the only village to touch and feel the wild in its natural state. You can find hundreds of elephants of all age’s drinking water and taking the bath in the Cauvery River. This is the place for elephant training and camping for these wild animals in a natural place. You can find many other harmless animals and birds on the banks of this elephant camp.

4. Iruppu Falls:

This is a waterfall with many drops from the Coorg hills. It drops from a 60-ft height in the midst of lush green forest. You can find flowing milk water on this waterfall. It is 60-Km away from the Kodagu Town. This is an amazing place for a silent retreat.

5. Nagarhole National Park:

This national park is near to the Cauvery River and the foothills of the Coorg. It is an amazing place for the birds and animal lovers. You can take a day trip and travel in a jeep to see its wild attractions. The March to May in the summer and November to February in the winter are the favorable season to visit his wild national park.

6. Chettalli:

This is a scenic village of the Coorg. You can see its rich culture and tradition untouched by modernization. This is a scenic place to take photography with the village as the main backdrops. The road to this village is a scenic road amidst the lush green pastureland.

7. Raja's Seat:

This is an erstwhile royal garden of the rulers of the Coorg. It is the best place to see sunset, green valley and the clouds touching the peaks of the Western Ghats. You can find a beautiful garden and fountains on this Rajas Seat, Coorg.

8. Mandalpatti Viewpoint:

This is the amazing place to go by mountain trekking on the Makkandur route. When you reach its top, you will be at an altitude of 4050-ft above the mean sea level. You can also access by road on a jeep to see this viewpoint.

9. Cauvery Nisargadhama:

This is an amazing island place on the River Cauvery. You can stay in tree house and enjoy its lush green forest. You can do swimming and boating on this perennial river.

10. Nishani Motte:

This is the amazing place to trek in the mountain forest. This is the best place to be in serenity. It is advisable to come in a group, as this is a part of forest area in the Coorg.

You can book Bangalore to Coorg package online and get some discounts. Kodagu is a tourist’s friendly place in South-West of the Karnataka State.

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