The arrival of good weather is synonymous with leisure and travel plans. For those who prefer a 'low cost' alternative, free camping is gaining more and more fans when it comes to enjoying the holidays. The contact with nature and the sensation of freedom are the great advantages of this form of leisure, but you have to keep one thing in mind: you can not camp freely in any place. We have selected 10 places to camp outdoors.
1. Island of La Graciosa (Canary Islands).
In front of the coast of Lanzarote we find the island of La Graciosa, an authentic natural paradise where you can enjoy the beach and also recreational activities such as scuba diving and diving in a truly exotic environment. On the small island there is also the possibility of being able to camp freely, specifically on the beach of El Salado, although there are certain restrictions: it is necessary to request authorization beforehand and also they do not allow more than 200 people at the same time.
2. Lassen Park (California, United States).
United States is one of the countries where more (and more varied) places we can find to camp free. We stayed with one in California, the volcanic park of Lassen. There you will find dozens of natural attractions that will make your stay there unforgettable. The Lassen Peak (erupted in 1914) presides over the entire park, which is furrowed by bubbling streams, boiling muds and sulphurous fumaroles. Of Science fiction.
3. Barcelona.
We are going to allow ourselves the luxury of including the City in our list, because in its municipal web we have found that the City council allows the camping free if they respect a series of norms. So if you thought that the free camping had only connotations of nature, you are wrong: it also has urban.
4. Pumalín Park (Chile).
Chile is one of the countries with the greatest natural attraction in the world and full of contrasts, so lovers of camping certainly would enjoy it to the fullest. The Pumalín Park is one of those places: a great forest of a good climate sprinkled by torrents and waterfalls in the Region of Los Lagos.
5. Xorret of Catí (Alicante).
If you think of Alicante, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is its beaches, but the interior of the province, far from being completely arid, has huge forests like the one that surrounds Xorret de Catí (cycling fans You will hear this port). The free camping area also has all the amenities, such as bathrooms and toilets. Of course, there are also restrictions, imposed this time by the Diputación de Alicante.
6. Le Vallon Rouge (France).
France is one of the countries with the highest tradition of camping and free camping. Much is the offer of the Gallic country in this sense so we have stayed with this valley located in the so-called Alpes Maritimes, which mixes the mountain with the beaches of the French Riviera.
7. Lake Balaton (Hungary).
But if yours is more Eastern Europe, we propose a country as rich in natural treasures as unknown to the majority (outside of Budapest). This is Hungary and its Lake Balaton. Surrounding it there are free camping areas with many options of outdoor activities like boating, hiking etc all related to the mentioned lake.
8. The Curota (A Coruña).
Northern Spain is also generous in terms of places to camp outdoors. Galicia is one of them, and in particular we stay with this front to the Rías Baixas, which can be enjoyed thanks to its famous viewpoint. Of course, before you must contact the City of A Pobra do Caramiñal to make sure the camping conditions.
9. Moke Lake (New Zealand).
Another of the countries with the most natural parks in the world is located in our antipodes: New Zealand. There are many facilities to be able to do it since for many of its inhabitants is a habitual pastime. One of the places where you can practice this activity is in the vicinity of Moke Lake, in Queensland, on the South Island.
10. S'Arenalet (Mallorca).
Is there anything more romantic than spending a night on the beach under the stars? Very few things, really. To be able to check it, you do not have to go very far. In the beach of S'Arenalet, in Mallorca, you can do it without problems, as long as the norms of coexistence are respected. And all within a natural park like that of Llevant!

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