In the world today, the concepts of obesity and losing weight are receiving massive attention. This is especially so in America where the rates of obesity have hit alarming levels. It is therefore not a wonder that these two words have found their way to everybody’s mouth; from the experts to the lay men. All these discussions have seen numerous possible remedies, causes and effective methods of shedding those calories cropping up. This has in the long run led to emergence of several unprecedented assumptions and postulations which hold no water.

Obesity is what leads to the need to lose weight. If you decide to lose weight, then you are likely to get a myriad of ideas on how to go about it as well as what would have caused it. Some fallacies you are likely to include that:

1. Genes cause obesity
For the longest time, people have always thought that if you are obese, then it’s because of your genetic makeup. Science has however been able to prove that genes will not cause obesity. If a whole family is overweight, it is probably because of the food they eat and not genetics. For example, a family that eats out most times will have a higher chance of its members getting obese that than from a family that eats at home. Basically, genes will not cause obesity rather it’s the food you eat.

2. Obesity is a result of lack of self-control
If you are overweight, people tend to frown at you and in extreme cases, spite at you. You have probably heard hateful and hurtful remarks from people who think that you are obese because you do not know when to stop eating. What these airheads don’t understand is that you don’t keep eating because you are gluttonous but because there are other stronger factors like stress which drive you to eating.

3. Mandatory breakfast helps in weight loss
One constant advice that you will get from people when you tell them that you are embarking on a weight loss plan will be that you should never miss breakfast. This gains support from the fact that health experts insist that breakfast is the most important meal in a day. When you eat good breakfast, the urge to nibble on snacks during the day is reduced. This, in the long run, means you don’t overeat and hence not extra calories are stored as fats in the body. However, it is not obvious that breakfast will reduce weight gain. For example, would over eating during breakfast reduce your chances of gaining weight? What about if you are eating a humongous burger in the morning? I thought so too.

4. That gradual weight loss is better than fast

For some reason, people tend to believe that if you utilize a mechanism that helps you lose weight in a jiffy, then you are likely to regain that weight just as fast. Nothing could be further from the truth. The pace of losing weight has no edge on the possibility of you gaining that weight.

5. Exercise helps reduce chances of your child becoming obese
This is one assumption that has received massive support even from Michelle Obama. This does not, however, make it any true. Despite the incorporation of physical exercise lessons in the classes, children are still becoming obese. This is probably because the eating habits of these children are not changed and hence exercise does not help them.

6. Obesity is due to unavailability of healthy foods
The truth is that people do not eat high-calorie foods because they cannot afford fruits and vegetables. It is solely a personal choice. If anything, fast foods cost more than healthy ones.

7. Incorporating vegetables and fruits lead to instant weight loss
Fruits and vegetables are highly emphasized in healthy eating and weight loss. We even have super juices for weight loss which are usually blends of vegetables and fruits. This can lead you to think that if you drank a glass of a super juice after a large serving of fries will help but it won’t. Once you decide to eat these healthy foods, you must reduce the eating of the unhealthy ones. Otherwise, you will be wasting the fruits and vegetables.

8. Snacking causes obesity
As much as obesity is caused by too much eating, snacking does not fall here. Taking a snack once in a while does not lead to added weight if you take healthy ones like fruits and vegetables. Trouble only comes in if you eat unhealthy ones.

9. Sex helps in weight loss
This may be a sweaty affair, but it won’t help you shed as many calories as you imagine. The amounts of calories you will burn are no more than you would lose while sitting.

10. Drinking water will reduce weight gain
Even if you drank twenty liters of water after over eating, some fats will still be stored. Water will not undo the effects of eating enormous portions.

There are numerous myths surrounding obesity and weight loss. This is why you try to ascertain them before you incorporate them in your weight loss routines in order to save yourself from major frustrations.
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