As at now, it is not too late to begin the integration of SEO changes that can bring hefty gains this year. Read this piece to learn about ten SEO resolutions which your business should work towards this year. Kindly read to the end!

1. Focus on a better knowledge of SEO

First and foremost, it is essential to understand SEO if you want to run a successful online store for the current year. In several means, SEO practices have become the relevant principles which websites should utilize in order to gain more visibility than ever on the internet. However, several websites still know little about the fundamental SEO essentials. Before now, this may be inconsequential, but currently, the digital world is progressively more competitive than ever. Through the utilization of some fundamental SEO approaches, you will see some considerable developments concerning the performance of your website.
Through Google, you can get some beneficial SEO resources section in the Search Console to assist web officials in understanding their useful guidelines and regulations for involving in reliable SEO. Furthermore, they provide SEO Starter Guide for the newbies.

2. Permitting easy crawling for spiders over your site

Ideally, you should configure your website to be more accessible by the search engines as well as make sure that only the important pages within the site will be indexed in the search engines. This resolution is crucial towards having a successful online store. You have to consider the following essential technical aspects:

• Sitemap.xml: this aspect enables search engines to find your website pages through URL. This format is the standard preferred by most search engines while submitting a large series of pages, which are to be crawled and indexed.

• Robots.txt: this file format enables higher page control which you would want to show in the search outcomes. Consider it as a guide to inform search engines about the pages which you would want to be displayed in the search results predominantly and the ones which should not.

• 301 redirects: you will able to preserve your organic rankings and direct guests who arrive on 404 pages to pages which have updated content, through appropriate 301 redirecting URLs.

3. Classify your website appropriately

The manner with which you classify your website will significantly affect your SEO approach and effectiveness. Endeavour to create a website with logical structure, and which is intuitive and user-friendly. A well-arranged site will offer a better experience to the guest and provide more SEO chances to compete for correctly targeted terms. Also, it implies offering Google more contextual hints to understand your site focus better, i.e., which products or services (in keywords) are relevant to your store.

4. Optimize for a particular audience or target market

Most emerging web-store owners usually begin wrongly by focusing on keywords which are too wide and competitive. Whereas, a better solution is to change gears, set your target markets and focus keywords upon your target prospects. You will find the following tips useful to do this:

• Create genuine knowledge about your market and sector. It is encouraged to an emphasis on an available segment within a competitive market, an entirely new market, an utterly exclusive audience or a group of audience in geographical location. After you have defined your group of audience, get to know how your prospects think, what they read, where they visit as well as their interest.
• Integrate terms which are specifically related to your prospect segment in your keyword search. For instance, instead of focusing on a usual term such as “sleep,” you can focus on more specific and target-market proper keywords such as “sleep disorder”. This phrase accurately describes your topic as well as frame the goods in the context and language common in the target markets. Also, it is less competitive and far down the purchasing funnel, which means the phrase will win more conversions.

5. Develop a content method and be consistent with it

By understanding your audience while developing your fan base, you will be able to establish excellent content concepts. Ideally, you should create distributable contents if your product is something like pillows. For instance, most pillow owners like their homes; hence establishing visuals or uploading pictures on social media pages such as Flickr, Facebook or Instagram is an excellent idea. Below are some useful tips you should consider while planning a content strategy:

• Get to know the likes of your fans by checking which social post receives the highest likes and shares.

• Develop ideas which you believe that they would share. Then, write the content.

• Select online media outlets which will drive your point effectively, for instance, Drone selfies on Instagram, or behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube.

• Upload your content and distribute them to your emerging fan base.

• Use Google analytics to keep a tab on your traffic results.

6. Promote relevance by adding keywords and content

You can enhance the effectiveness of your online visibility by targeting the right keywords and including content. You will be missing several big chances if your website doesn’t have a target keyword or content. Once again, it all boils down to taking the basics first to the organic presence of your site. This is not really a challenge for the bigger brands because they possess several relevance signals as well as internet equity developed from their online backlinks, social media accounts, communities and several years of consistent awareness. However, as for the lesser brands, it is a means to begin the generation of some relevance signals and traffic early. By including the right content, your brand will gain some personality which the guests likes, and enhance relevance indications to your website.

7. Build a fan base rather than purchasing links

Google penalised several identified link networks in the year 2017. Hence, it is possible that you got penalised too if you purchased links from a link network. Hence, rather than purchasing links, it is better to find out what your audiences are discussing, most especially in the following aspects:

• Blogs: for instance, if you are a dog seller, an excellent advert method would be to meet bloggers, who are dog enthusiasts. Get to meet them and make inquiries about their campaign rules, content promotion and other means of raising your brand’s awareness through their website.

• Forums: endeavour to contribute in discussions, but keep away from spamming. Most forum owners are sensitive to unscrupulous plugs, and consequently, they can expel you completely from their community. It is best advised to get in contact with forum owners, get to know about their process of content promotion and develop an agreement which will serve the needs of both parties.

• Social Media: get to understand what the accomplished social media users in your industry are working with. Take note of the contents which earns more shares and then, attempt to create your creative versions. As an emerging brand or wants to enhance fan base, several social media such as Facebook, Instagram are excellent campaign platforms.

• Email List: get in touch with your present customers and develop a new fan group as well as lifetime clients. Inform them about your online presence on social media platforms and content strategy plans such as a new blog for your products.

8. Be Responsive

From elite feature to a vital SEO practice, responsive design has become much essential than ever. With responsive design, your site will be easily seen on different screen sizes including mobile devices. Currently, Google has begun to give more priorities to sites which can be viewed on smaller screens. Hence, as your website content is viewed on mobile devices, you will be offering more positive user experience, which is an effective SEO factor.

9. Possess additional search result real estate

Endeavour to swiftly check Google for terms which your website ranks for or you would like it to rank for. Then, check the results against this diagram developed by Moz to assist in understanding where chances are present for achieving more real estates and views on Google. By doing this, you will be able to choose the content which will attract more audience. In other words, your website will be making appearances on several areas of the page. Consequently, your website will likely gain from optimised product videos, PPC advertising, shopping feeds as well as local SEO. Although channels like Shopping Feeds and PPC are paid for; however, they generate significant traffic which can promote organic performance.

10. Stamp your authority on the web through social media

Based on a report from Google, the massive search engine will be showing more results for good websites. This means, websites owned by people who are creating quality content consistently. Hence, begin or continue to develop your fan base on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels which are essential to your target markets. Most specialists opine that the significance and interconnectedness of SEO and social media will continue to improve year by year.
Those who can incorporate the best contents with the appropriate platforms will be the most successful concerning online marketing in 2019. By knowing your industry and practising with various channels, you will be able to get a winning strategy for your web-store.

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