Be willing to make the first steps in online marketing is not enough. You also have to create the internal conditions that can flourish and grow. In another attempt to increase sales through the online channel will die faster than a plant that is not watered. How CEO or manager is your responsibility that the following 10 points are established in your start-up or SME.

1. Dedicate a budget: There are many companies, SMEs and start-ups who think they do a campaign with the bonus of 50 Euros Adwords is more than enough. Define not only a financial budget for investment. It is also the time spent by workers and the manager of the company to do so.

2. Appoint a responsible person, if online marketing is something that is done "together" at the end is not going to do anyone. Both offline and the online marketing are essential task of the CEO of the company. There may be a marketing but the CEO should be aware and influence the actions carried out.

3. A website like god: companies that are not yet in Internet practically nonexistent. Having a website does not have a flash website. A website that indexes only the "Home" on Google does not make sense. If someone offers you program a Flash website run away. No need to spend thousands and thousands of Euros. The basic thing is to have a website that provides contact details, product information, presentation equipment, etc…

4. A blog and a blogger: having the most important information on a website (not flash) is good but it can only be a first step. A blog is a tool to build trust. Provide added value content (non-commercial) helps promote the company and establish a positive reputation within your target audience. No person engaged in no constancy in the publication of the articles. The blog does not always have to be incorporated into the corporate site.

5. Start your first online advertising campaign: invest money in online advertising campaign forces you to improve and identify things that are not going well. You can be the motivation to improve the website, create landing pages or further education in the world of online marketing. Campaigning to sell your products and services will give you the knowledge and experience to get to the online channel performance.

6. Having an online marketing plan: if you are in a start-up plans are constantly changing. In the end it does not matter if you're a technology company or a small company that moves in a dynamic environment. A marketing plan helps you to be more disciplined in the actions you want to perform if you have to make changes along the way.

7. Measure your actions: Another obvious but often fail. I am aware that it is a fundamental but honestly I do not always with discipline and rigidity. Your goals should be included in the marketing plan. No useless if you do not adequately monitor.

8. Search synergies with offline marketing: the offline and online worlds are not as far apart as they seem. All your actions "real world" can have an impact on the Internet. If you got to create the least interest is going to happen is more people will visit your website because you got to get your attention. Even we who are 100% online get synergies with offline.

9. Open an account at Twitter: if you're not on Twitter yet hope this post give the final push to do it. You get to follow people who provide you with useful information for your business without asking anything in return. It can even be a channel for help and see how you will receive it immediately. Do not forget that Twitter works both ways. If you can help someone, please do so.

10. Having a marketable product or service: even if the last item on the list, is perhaps the most important. If you are a start-up your job to find out and you have to make all the previous steps to get an answer. Do not try to sell a product that is not sold in a physical store. Internet is a channel "low cost" or low quality. Selling products online can bring unconvincing sudden death because the viral marketing also works in an undesired direction.

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