Each country has its customs in all areas, and more, as far as gastronomy is concerned. Italian food stands out as a well - known and, therefore, know more about the traditions that revolve around Italian food can be interesting. We tell you everything on www.pizzacappuccino.com!

When you start to investigate a little about Italian culture in general and Italian foods in particular, you realize that it is a country of strange customs and traditions that are little known. Read on for the most curious facts about Italian gastronomy.

They have the longest pizza in the world

Yes, the passion that Italians have for pizza is so real that in 2007 they set out to create the longest pizza in the world. It was made in the city of Massa Carrara and measured 405 meters long by 33 centimeters wide.

Do you know Alfredo?

Alfredo sauce and fettuccine Alfredo are very famous, and nobody skims on compliments for this meal. But who is really Alfredo? The truth is that, although they seem familiar to us, in Italy they are not known under this name, as they are an American invention.

The story goes that an Italian chef, Alfredo di Lelio, invented this sauce in the 1970s and opened a restaurant in New York. Such was its fame that it began to be imitated throughout America, although it is not known as such in Italy.

The Italian table

Another curiosity about Italian food is concerning the table. How? Well, because when sitting down to eat, there must always be 3 basic elements: water, bread, and wine. Furthermore, there is a superstition that says that it is better not to place the bread upside down on the table, as this could bring bad luck to the house.

Origin of the tagliatelle

This is pasta similar to spaghetti, but flatter. Its history says that it was created in honor of the hair of the Duchess of the city of Ferrara, Lucrecia Borgia.

Coffee with milk just for breakfast

The traditional Italian only drinks coffee with milk first thing in the day, for breakfast. And, as a general rule, accompanied by a croissant or some cookies. That is to say, opt better for a simple and quick breakfast.

The pizza was the food of the poor until...

Yes, among Italians, pizza was synonymous with the plate of the poor. But that changed when in 1889 Queen Margherita of Italy tasted it and ordered to prepare various types of pizza. Such was its consumption, that even today the Margherita pizza exists in its honor.

The most expensive pizza in the world is Italian

In Italy they not only have the longest pizza in the world, but they also have the most expensive pizza in the world. It was created by chef Renato Viola, called Louis XIII, and costs around $12,000.

There is also fried pizza

Pizza also has its fried version, and this tradition takes place in Naples. Instead of cooking it in the oven, the pizza dough is fried in a saucepan until it swells, and once it is ready, the fresh tomato sauce, Parmesan, and basil are added.

The stages of lunch

If there is something that an Italian takes very seriously, it is his food, and that is that lunch has several phases.

There are cities where lunchtime is sacred

If we are talking about small cities or the interior of the country, the lunch hour must be respected. And that time is between 12 a.m. and 2 p.m. You sure don't see locals on the street.

As you can see, Italian food has the most curious peculiarities. If you want to eat like an authentic Italian and soak up its wonderful culture, you can visit our website www.pizzacappuccino.com. We will be delighted to assist you and make you feel like you are in beautiful Italy!

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