There are many ways to honor the memory of loved ones who have passed away. Memorializing someone you care will also keep that person’s memory alive, and shows others how much she or he meant to you.

Some ideas of honoring the memory of a loved one are:

1. Place a Memorial Bench Near Your Loved One's Burial Site:
Some cemeteries allow you to add a memorial bench near your loved one’s burial site. Benches can be customized in material, style, and messages.

2. Planting Something:
Planting flowers, a tree, rose bunch, or even a vegetable garden can be a lovely, fragrant, and fruitful reminder of your loved one.

3. Design a Custom Maker for the Burial Site:
An engraved marker can be added to your loved one’s burial site, to express a particular message about the person.

4. Create a Quilt, Stuffed Toy or Pillows from their Clothes:
If your loved one had a favorite old t-Shirt or a scarf, use their clothing to create a quilt, stuffed toy, pillows or any other number of things.

5. Celebrate Your Loved One’s Birthday:
The 1st Birthday after your loved one has passed can be painful but it can also be a special time set aside to honor the one you love. Every year, take a few moments to be thankful for the life they lived and the positive ways they have impacted you, the love and the support you received by sharing that love and support with others.

6. Create a Memorial Place in your Home:
A memorial space dedicated to your loved one is an excellent way to honor them. It can be pictures of them or small plaque.

7. Make Your Loved One’s Favorite Meal Even if you Can’t Cook:
Cooking your loved one’s favorite meal can help you remember that person, and remind you of the good times you had together.

8. Host a Dinner in their Honor:
Choose a special day (Birthday, Anniversary, etc) to honor your loved one’s memory by inviting a group of friends to dinner. You can keep the dinner at the person’s favorite restaurant or craft a menu of dishes that your loved one likes, then share memories and receive support.

9. Give to Charity:
Donating to a charity on your loved one’s behalf will keep your loved one live in the memory of others.

10. Sponsor a Bench or Brick at one of their Favorite Places:
Sponsoring a bench or a brick at your loved one’s favorite place is a great honor for the memory of your loved one.

Death does not stop us from loving those we have lost. The love stays with us. The relationship you shared is important and worth remembering and sharing with others. We all need to express what we are feeling inside, and these activities will help you do that. By taking part in any or all of these activities, you will feel closer to your lost loved one and create forward motion in your grief journey.

Author's Bio: 

Janie Singleton, owner, previously worked in manufacturing and mortgage banking before starting her career in the funeral industry in 2008. She is a licensed funeral director in Arkansas and a fully licensed life insurance agent in Arkansas and Missouri. Janie is a member of the Lions Club of Manila, the Manila Business Womens Club, Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, and BNI of Jonesboro.