Technology changes very rapidly and the website design trends are no exception for this. Website features and design elements that were once innovative and modern may have become tired, overdone and outdated in recent years. There is a high chance of losing conversion if your website looks outdated or ignores web standards. There are nearly 1.75 billion websites on the internet. But only 400 million of them are active. These sites belong to businesses, individuals, organizations and so on. The success of a website depends on several factors like- design, user interface, technical performance, security, technologies, search engine optimization, content etc. These factors belong to the two categories- web development design, user interface and user experience design. What impacts a site’s success in 2021?

Here we’ll see some hot web design trends that will skyrocket in 2021. We hope this list makes you approach the web in a more inclusive and accessible way.

10 Hot Web Design Trends For 2021-
A strong and attractive web design is important for a successful business. The vast majority will forsake your site if it has a poor UI and user experience. A website’s design influences trust in a business and users desire to interact with it. Let’s see web design trends that will skyrocket in 2021.

1. Bold Typography-
Use of bold fonts on websites is a trend that will stay in 2021 too. Simple fonts are easy to read, clear and visually appealing. Heavy fonts allow businesses to quickly show information. You can combine simple fonts with a simple background and you’ll get a perfect and minimalist great image for your website.

2. Horizontal Scrolling-
Many websites dabble with various scrolling techniques for a unique user experience. Vertical scrolling is a typical scrolling experience. Horizontal scrolling is a UX design trend that catches users’ attention while remaining simple and functional. Designers employing horizontal scroll should consider the following points-

Use clear visual cues to indicate where content uses horizontal scroll and don’t hide these cues behind hovers
Do not force users to navigate through horizontal content- allow alternate way to navigate, like arrow buttons with clear labels.
Be insightful about what content would benefit by being shown in a horizontal scroll — a photo gallery is a good competitor as horizontal scroll would show users a small preview, and allow them the alternative to see more or keep moving down the page
Avoid the need of horizontal scroll for text that needs to be read
3. 3D In Motion-

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