When you want to lose weight, reducing calorie intake is one part of the equation, but you will also want to consider burning some extra calories through activity. The good new is there are many fun ways to burn 200 calories for example, you do not necessarily need to hit the gym or go for a run. This is important, especially when you’re starting out, because if you’re doing things that you hate to do you’re not likely to keep with it for more than a week or two.

Often people dread doing some exercise but do not consider that any other activity that makes you break a little sweat can increase your body’s overall energy expenditure for the day. So, let’s have a quick look at how we can increase our metabolism while having fun at the same time.

1. Ice skating burns 200 calories in 20 minutes

When is the last time you’ve been ice skating? Yes, I know it seems like we don’t have these winters any more that we remember from our childhood, especially here in central Texas where I live. Ice cold weather, blue sky, some snow and frozen ponds. Those were the times we were dying to get out there and it really was fun!

Now, you don’t need to wait for the next winter as there is most likely some indoor ice skating available close to you. Find out where and take the whole family!

2. Swimming for 25 minutes to burn 200 calories

Strap on the water wings and hit the pool! Getting a nice tan is a bonus as well.

3. Dance for 30 minutes to burn 200 calories

Now you know what all the time spent in the night clubs was good for you after all! You might not have found the love of your life, but at least you had burned some calories while shakin’ it to the Black Eyed Peas. Plus, to burn those extra calories you don’t even need to spend money on cover charges – just put on some good music at home and shake your heine!

4. Inline Skating burns 200 calories in 25 minutes

This is very similar to ice skating, but the good part is you do not have to do it in the cold! Just go out, put you inline skater on and off you go. Just find some very smooth tarred roads or a jogging path which will make it lots of fun. You really can go really fast on inline skates, so don’t forget to wear protection!

5. Play Kickball for 40 minutes

This was one of my favorite games to play as a kid in gym class! If you’ve never played, it’s similar to baseball but instead of using a bat, you kick a rolling ball (hence the name). Get a bunch of friends together and give it a try!

6. Go bowling for 60 minutes to burn 200 calories

Put the Wiimote down and give the real thing a try. With balls ranging from 8lbs to over 15lbs, it’s a good workout for your arms on top of being a lot of fun!

7. Go shopping for 60 minutes to burn 200 calories

Girls, you can do this, can’t you? Now you don’t even need an excuse any more, just off you go to burn some extra calories. If you’re truly brave, you can always use those new bags of shoes to do lunges through the mall. :D

8. Play Frisbee for 60 minutes to burn 200 calories

This feels of course a bit more like exercise than shopping, but it really can be fun. So when you next time go to the beach or pack your picnic basket to go to the park, remember to take that disk with you. Your dog might even join in (unless you have a chihuahua like I do)!

9. Play volleyball for 60 minutes

This is one of my favorite summertime activities, plus it’s a great reason to approach that hot guy/girl and their friends at the park.

10. Play ping pong for 60 minutes.

Just be sure not to substitute cups of beer for the paddles. That would be the opposite of burning 200 calories per hour. :D

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After 5+ years working with rich business owners and Wall Street hedge funds, I decided to can the financial services industry to pursue my passion of helping everyday people achieve health, wealth, and happiness through simple and easily implementable changes.

I can be reached with questions or comments through my website at http://regenesishealthandwellness.com.