Closing the Gap and Owning the Future

Venture a guess – What percentage of the world’s population had mobile phones before 1990? The answer is less than 1%. So, we can say that only a few in thousand people owned cellular devices. Of course, those were bulky, very basic devices, not anything like the smartphones we have today. So, if a technology can rise from a near-to-zero percent adoption to near-to-hundred percent adoption in less than three decades, that is a remarkable example of rapid adoption of a technology.

But even this rapid transformation pales in comparison to the rate at which Fintech, or Financial Technology, is being adopted in the financial services sector of the world. We are currently going through one of the biggest transformations in financial history and it’s going to transform banking as we know it – The FintechRevolution.

In this exciting edition of Insights Success magazine – ‘10Fintech Companies Revolutionizing Financial Services – 2021,’ we are honoured to feature some of the game-changers who are making the most of this contemporary gap and transforming the age-old financial services sector by making use of innovative technologies and disruptive visions.

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