By way of nature, men will do everything within their might to gain the admiration of a woman they love. That is why before they settle, they go to great lengths to find someone to love and respect them. If you have got a good man that loves you unconditionally, he deserves to feel the same way too. This, in turn, makes him happy. If you are looking for ways to make your man happy, you are in the right place. The tips provided herein will help you nurture a happy and satisfied partner which ultimately equals a healthy relationship.

1. Show him that you Understand and Accept him for who he is
When we talk about accepting and understanding your man for whom and what he is, it does not mean that you have to accept his offensive ways. What you need to accept about him is that he needs to be taught how to treat you right and how to meet your needs. Fortunately, this can be done in many different and creative ways. The goal here is to teach him what you want and he should be learning from you.

2. Show him that he is valued
Make an effort and habit to demonstrate to your man how much his advice is valuable to you and that it is always welcome. This can be achieved by putting aside all other interests whenever he is talking to you. Avoid rolling your eyes when he is talking to you. Instead, give him your full attention and keep your eyes focused on him. This shows him that you respect him and his opinions. Do not forget to point out the positive and helpful aspects of his advice. Listen to him closely when he is trying to express his opinion and never criticize him before hearing him out. Nothing pleases a man more.

3. He needs to be Admired
Admiration is one of man’s deepest and most important needs. That is why they tend to gravitate towards those who admire them. Get creative when trying to express genuine admiration towards your man. Whenever he is down, try to lift him up. Whenever you hurt his feelings, admit that you were wrong and ask for forgiveness. Also, be attentive to his concerns every time he gets home.

4. Do not be Bossy or Pushy
Remember that this is a relationship between the two of you. So, there is no need for you to boss and push him around. Instead, try to be on the same page as him. For instance, when you want him to do something for you, be sweet about it and do not forget to say please. Do it in a way that you think will make him want to do it out of his own will. Your role in the relationship should not be of a commanding general, but a sweet and tender woman that he loves to be around.
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5. Make him Feel Secure
We all know that men are egoistic creatures. Still, they are prone to self-doubt at the smallest provocation. Ideally, you should never let your man feel insecure by any means. Instead, stroke his ego at every opportunity you get. Compliment him on his looks and his achievements. Also, avoid praising other men in front of him as it is likely to spark jealousy.

6. Cook for Him
Men love food, especially when it is lovingly prepared by the one they love. If you want to make your man happy, take the time to prepare his favorite dish. It will not matter to him that you do not know how to cook. He will be grateful that you took time off your busy schedule to prepare him his favorite meal.

7. Gain His Trust by Being Honest
What men value most in a healthy relationship is honesty and trust. Naturally, men do not open their hearts and souls too readily. When they do, the one thing they do not want is to be hurt. Hence, he wants and needs to know that he can trust you enough to confide and rely on you.

8. Encourage, Motivate and Support his Endeavors
Supporting your man in his endeavors is another great and effective way to make him happy. While he appreciates your opinion, what he needs most is for you to be there for him and to encourage him to push on. He also needs you to congratulate him whenever he wins. Since he has chosen to be in a relationship with you, you are one of the few people that can bring the best out of him.

9. Take the Lead in Bed
Another tip on how to make your man happy in bed is by getting creative and trying new things in bed. It is no surprise that sexual fulfillment is a top need for men. That is why it comes as no surprise that it is one of the best ways to make your man happy. You will gain extra points if you find new ways to make the sex more interesting. Take the initiative to spice things up in the bedroom and he will love you more for it.

10. Give Him Some Alone Time
You have probably heard this a million times, but it can never be overemphasized. Men need their space and will really appreciate it if you give it to them. Do not make your man feel guilty for not calling you every day or spending every waking minute of their days with you. In fact, it is not necessarily healthy. Your man needs to know that he can spend a few hours or days away without feeling guilty. Let him go out with his buddies for a night or if he needs longer periods of alone time. Tell him that you are okay with it and that you understand how important it is to him.

Keeping a man happy in a relationship should not be that hard. However, it might require you to be vulnerable in ways you are not used to. However, it is worth the shot as the key to a lasting relationship is giving your partner a million moments of happiness with you.

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