Japan is the land of the rising sun and also an amazing country filled with heritage, serenity, panoramic views, and amazing delicacies. It is in the top three most-visited countries in Asia-Pacific and for all the good reasons. We’ll be sharing about some places in Japan you’d not want to miss, and 10 essential Japanese phrases for a first-time traveller to Japan.

Wouldn’t it be a memorable experience being able to communicate smoothly with the locals in their own language?

If you’re like us and you want to get the most authentic and memorable experience on your trip to Japan, this article is a must-read!

Here’s Why Japan Is That Great
The Japanese people
They are the epitome of kindness and courtesy. People would go out of their ways to make sure things get done even if that means putting themselves at an inconvenience and discomfort.

For instance, it’s raining and you’re in a cab. You’ve reached your destination and the driver did two things that we don’t see often in Singapore or other countries. Firstly, he/she would ask if you have an umbrella or not.

Secondly, if you don’t they’d offer to shelter you with theirs, and insist until you’re safely shielded from the rain and under shelter.

That being said, some tourists may come across some locals who appear “cold”. But it’s only because of cultural differences.

For example, a Caucasian from the US might take waving or nodding at strangers completely normal. But in Japan, and most Asian countries, we would simply stare back blankly. It is because we’ve been raised to be on the reticent as a gesture of respect and manners.

Kindness is a character contributed by upbringing and culture amongst other factors. But with a culture like Japan, there’s a high chance that they are very kind-natured and helpful.

In addition, being able to speak Japanese or some Japanese phrases can really give the locals a kind surprise. Plus, you’ll be able to ask for help and directions or even recommendations from them. After all, they are really nice people.

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