Are you going to perform Hajj in a few days? then here’s a detailed guide that you should know before travelling to Hajj.

Hajj is an auspicious pilgrimage performed by Muslims. This act can be performed once every year. People often do umrah and it can perform anytime. Hajj is the act that can be performed by only those who can afford it financially and physically.

Hajj performs on the 07th of Dhul Hajj. Before travelling to another country, you always take precautions and bring all the essentials when travelling. It is one of the blessings for those who got the chance to perform it. then it is necessary to perform it well. Here’s an essential guide for travelling to hajj.

• Less Luggage is Better

When you are travelling and especially travelling for any religious prayer like Umrah/ Hajj then it is mandatory to pack light.

A simple formula should apply whenever travel, the bag you are carrying should be like, you can carry and climb mountains with it. If not then its time to get all the unnecessary things out of the bag.

Though you have a limit of around 30 to 32 kgs that you can bring. It is not necessary to goes to the limit. Pack light so you can carry luggage anywhere and of course, can carry by yourself. Always reserve some space for gits and other kinds of stuff that you might bring when you are travelling abroad. These things also require space pack light so you can add more stuff.

• Bring Duplicate Copies of Your Documents

Hajj is full of activity and there are some possibilities that you can forget or misplaced important documents which you should bring every time with you. When you are travelling to hajj, make sure to bring extra copies of your important documents. Then keep the copies at different places like one can keep at the place where you are living (accommodation), one copy you can keep in your bag and one can be kept with your spouse.

• Keep a Diary with you.

When you are travelling to hajj, it is essential to keep a diary with you. It is the essential stuff that you should bring because you can note down the important things in that diary including your hotel's address or when are you leaving for the ziyarat- time.
Also, bring a diary with you so you can note down your everyday experiences, places you will visit, people you meet or what you felt the whole day. It is a wonderful thing to write whatever you see or experience and it remains the same and you can re-call your memories through it.

• Essentials that You Will Need

A few important kinds of stuff that everyone should carry when travelling. Some of them are extra bedsheet, travel pillow, toiletries, camping mattress, tissues, first aid (Important medicines/ bandage/ ointment/painkillers), extra bag, small bags, comfy slippers and disposable cups. For Umrah/ hajj 2021 you’ll need extra masks, sanitiser due to coronavirus precautions. You can carry a bag that has different compartments or pockets to store all the essentials.

Some Hajj Packages are providing all the basic amenities but cheap hajj packages do not include amenities. You have to bring them yourself.
You can carry this bag on your shoulders and can take anything, anytime from your bag pack.

• Unhygienic Toilets

During hajj, Millions of people came to fulfil their pilgrimage. due to the crowd, it is not clean. So avoid using toilets. Also, Due to the crowd, the bathroom facility is not easily available. So, it's better to avoid going to the bathrooms.
Also, take a limited amount of food and water, otherwise, you have to face issue regarding the bathroom availability and infectious diseases due to unhygienic washrooms.

• Vaccination and PCR Test

Pilgrims vaccination must be done before landing in Saudia. This is also an obligation by Saudi officials that every individual should be vaccinated and PCR (covid-19) test should be negative when landing in Saudia. Also, you have to quarantine for 3 days when landed in Saudia especially for Umrah.

• Maintain Social Distancing

As Pandemic hit the world and billions of people got affected by the coronavirus. It is the social responsibility of every individual to respect the rules and regulations of government and maintain social distancing. Maintain at least 3-meter distance from each other to avoid contact. Not just because of your safety but, your friends, family and all the pilgrim safety.

• Covid Precaution for Pilgrim

As per the precautions of Covid-19, it is necessary to wash your hands more frequently. Whenever you go out of the hotel or camp, always wash your hand. Avoid hand contact with nose, eyes, mouth and ear. And, wear a mask whenever you go out, also sanitize your hands more frequently.

• Be Patient and Thankful

Along with the bag pack and important gadgets, It is also very important to bring patience and thankfulness with you. The one thing you will need in every step is patience. Crowd, hot weather, tiredness all the things you might face. Don’t get panic, keep calm and just be thankful at every step of your journey. Your Allah will be with you in every step.

• Help Each other

Hajj makes closer you to Allah so avoid doing the sinful act. And, involve yourself in the services of pilgrimage. Engage in the duties to provide them comfort. Help each other as much as you can. Allah is seeing you, your effort and your intention.

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Hajj is indeed a blessing and granted to the lucky ones. For a convenient journey, choose the reliable tour companies. Choose hajj and Umrah packages with flights according to your need and priority. Read all the instructions properly and implement them before leaving for Hajj. Take all the necessary precaution of covid-19. Other updated instructions will be provided in your hajj package kit. Collect all the dua’s from all your loved ones, fellows, friends and present to Allah. May He accept your pilgrimage and everyone’s prayer.