Drafting the perfect college essay is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even though it is easier for students to download case study assignment samples, securing customised college essays is not at all a seamless process to opt for. There are innumerable essay subject matters to work on.

Unless you are aware of the key technicalities of perfecting college essays like a pro, you will not be able to make an impression of excellence on your professor. Take note of the following suggestions, implement the strategies and stay one step ahead of the rest in every semester.
1. Develop the essay topic with precision
Focus on the topic of the essay and try developing it with original slants, newer perspectives and unique ideas for your readers to dig. For example, if the essay topic is related to Nike SWOT analysis, then try developing topics that are based on the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats associated with the company.
2. Come up with a pre-determined research methodology
Focus on the aspect of research and analysis. Evaluate the topic thoroughly and figure out whether you need to abide by the conventions of empirical or non-empirical research. You will be framing and adding references to the entire write-up based on the research type needed to be embraced.
3. Focus on referencing the essay with accuracy
Make sure you are acknowledging all references drawn, quotations mentioned and case studies cited in your essay. For example, if you have to refer to a particular journal in order to cite an instance, do not miss out on acknowledging the citation according to the conventions observed in APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver and other referencing styles.
4. Prioritise adding up unique thesis/introductions
The introductory note or thesis statement of your college essay should be unique. It must serve the purpose of pointing out the primary objective of the topic. Focus on writing introductions by adding unusual situations, an intriguing character or other surprising elements that would hook your reader right from the very beginning.
5. Work on your college essay on a regular basis
You should never skip a day at work. Work on your college essay on a regular basis and aim to complete at least 2-3 pages daily in order to cope with a stringent deadline.
6. Keep revising the essay as you proceed with the task
You should concentrate on writing and revising the essay simultaneously. Once you are done with a particular section, take short breaks in between and read through the segment carefully. This will allow you to read, write and rectify all errors as you proceed with the essay, instead of investing extra hours in revising the essay at the last minute.
7. Make sure the conclusion is compelling in nature
You got to come up with convincing conclusions in order to justify a particular perspective you want your readers to buy. Add up key takeaways, rationally accepted ideas and further scopes of research for readers to explore.
8. Evaluate and eliminate the traces of plagiarism
There’s no place for plagiarism in essays. Use advanced plagiarism detectors if needed, track and eliminate the risk of duplicate content from scratch.
9. Check for repetitive ideas in the college essay paper
Each paragraph of your body content must introduce newer perspectives. There should be no repetition of ideas. It would only give rise to monotony, thus contributing to a boring read for your audience.
10. Re-read the entire essay quickly
Opt for a quick read. Simply go through the entire essay quickly, take note of the areas of improvement and voila! You are good to go.

So, take note of the suggestions as mentioned above and never miss out on submitting exemplary college essays during this semester. No matter whether the essay is based on Nike SWOT analysis or any other subject matter, such helpful tips shall always back you up with the finest solutions on the go.

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