Darjeeling is a popular hill station in West Bengal, India. It comes under the Northeast India tourism. People visit here as the Himalayan tour, honeymoon tour and nature tour. It boasts high altitude mountain, mountain peaks, and forest cover. It is a tourist-friendly place.

You must check your Darjeeling tour packages include the below-mentioned ten things to do.

1. Happy Valley Tea Estate:

The Darjeeling Tea is famous for its special taste and aroma. You can explore its tea garden and taste fresh tea from the estate. It has tourist accommodation and camping sites. This is a scenic place to take photos with mountain mist and lush green tea garden.

2. Jhandi Dara:

This is a sunrise point to see once in your Darjeeling tour. You can view the Mount Kanchenjunga present in the Indian Territory. The first rays of sunlight falling on its peak will mesmerize you like anything. These are snow-clad High Altitude Mountain Ranges of the Himalayas.

3. Kalimpong:

This is a scenic hill place to visit in the lower ranges of the Himalayas present in Darjeeling. The Teesta River flows in this valley. It is a calm place to enjoy Mother Nature. You can stay in hill view cottages and resorts. This is an idealistic place for romantic couples.

4. Mahakal Mandir:

You must reach Upper Bhutia Busty to see this hilltop temple. You can see the beauty of the Darjeeling from this hilltop. This is also a viewpoint to see the Mount Kanchenjunga Peak. You can see its snow-capped ranges spread across like a mystery.

5. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park:

This is a high altitude zoo in Darjeeling, which is the best to visit by all age of people. You can go for a jungle safari, forest trekking and camping in its permitted places. This is a vast zoo with varied mountainous topography. You can find water streams, Himalayan birds, wild animals, and Himalayan orchids in this zoo.

6. Pedong:

This is a scenic village and the ancient silk route present in Darjeeling. You can find budget accommodation and stay in the Mountain View room. It is the best place for all travelers to hike its lush green meadows, forest cover, and rolling hills.

7. Sandakphu:

You will be on Singalila Ridge of the Himalayas once you reach this place. You can view the Mount Everest Peak and other Major peaks of the Himalayas from this ridge. It is also the best viewpoint to see the sunrise and sunset in one place.

8. Senchal Lake:

This is a mountain lake in Darjeeling. This is the best place to spend your leisure time on its golf course. You can do boating and hike around the lakeshore. You can stay near to the lakes in a budget-friendly hotel. You can find many water birds on the lake. It is a picturesque place to take postcard size photos.

9. Singalila National Park:

This is the best place to visit by nature, animal, and flower lovers. You can find the rhododendrons spread across this high-altitude National park of Darjeeling. Apart from wildlife, you can see the colorful wild orchids of the Himalayas. You can take a day trip and cover this forest attraction.

10. Tiger Hill:

This is a perfect viewpoint to see the sunrise on the mighty Himalayan high altitude peaks. You must visit in the early morning to see this wonder. The milky white snow on the peaks changes its color to glittering orange color for few minutes.

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