We have shortlisted few things you can do to increase traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to attract high volume traffic, but there are some activities you can do to get immediate traffic to your website. All of these resources are picked based on their usefulness, rate of success and overall quality.

1.Article Submission: Articles are a great way to get traffic and backlinks to your website. When individuals search for articles in different categories and after reading the article they usually follow your website link in the article.

2.Press Releases: Press releases submissions can be a proficient way to get media attention if your website is exciting enough.

3.Directories Submission: Posting in business directories is still an effective way to get backlinks.

4.Classified Posting: Classified ads are easy to post and write with no cost, reaching large amounts of people.

5.Forums: Forums are another good way to get backlinks, but you need to be careful while posting as your comment should make sense and not just spam links. Being an active member and by making smart and informative posts people will be inclined to check out the website link.

6.Social Bookmarking Sites: Social bookmarking sites can be anremarkable way to promote your website. What a lot of people will do is write a killer article and then submit it to the social bookmarking sites to drive traffic.

7.Rankings on Search Engines: This is possibly one of the most difficult ways to promote a website, but also one of the most common ways due to the fact that the traffic you get can be extremely targeted to your niche.

8.Pay per Click Advertising (PPC): PPC advertising takes a lot of research and can cost some amount of money but it can be a very powerful marketing tool when done right.

9.Videos: Creating videos has become very popular. It is most common to say the URL of your website at the beginning or end of a video, or tie it into your video site profile somehow.

10.Podcasting: This includes creating audio files and then letting users download them via a link on your website. You can even post on craigslist.com and hire voice over talent for your podcasts at affordable prices.

11.EBooks: eBooks have become very prevalent and they tend to spread well in communities. You can even sell your eBook on eBay, via a website or just offer it as a gift to get people to sign up for your newsletter.

Boston Web Design hopes this article will help you narrow down the best methods of promotion for your website.

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