If you are running an online business in the UAE, this article may be of use to use to you in that we are going to provide some guidelines to boost your organic traffic this year. There are SEO specialists in Dubai, who can set you up and running to reach your financial goals in 2021.
Launching a website means that you need to have a few basic things such as keyword research, optimized title and meta tags, and optimized content. At this point, you may not require to spend time on advanced SEO tactics but rather drive growth so that organic visibility grows and your traffic improves thereof.
In this article, we have gleaned 10 major SEO guidelines that are likely to help you to vastly improve the website performance and drive organic traffic thereafter.
1: Study Competitor Page Performance
If you are a team member of the most reputed SEO Agency in Dubai, you should have a good idea about how competitor pages perform. Studying their performance helps you to understand why the approach works for them and whether you should implement the same in your website at all. This exercise may help you to improve content or seal gaps in keywords and links.
2: Internal Linking
Linking different pages within your website with appropriate keywords offers a huge opportunity for SEO by distributing traffic evenly over the different website pages. Otherwise, some pages tend to be neglected. Anchor text helps the search engines to crawl and reach different pages of the site. Internally linked pages improve SERP ranking. So, get going!
3: Website Architecture
The primary factor for improved SERP ranking is a good user experience. However, building a neat and consistent website structure that helps easy crawling of the search engines can boost SERP ranking. The navigation should be correct and consistent, using categories and tags for properly organizing content and creating a sitemap for the website are guidelines followed by any reputed SEO company in the UAE.

4: Authority Backlinks
Digital PR is the need of the hour. Earning these backlinks quickly makes all the difference. Earning backlinks is among Google’s top website ranking criteria, and therefore one has to get good at this. For this, it is vital to create unique and telling content that quickly captures the attention of the Internet community. In this way, others will link to your content after finding it valuable to share with their readers. Digital PR is easily achieved by posting content such as expert insights and infographics among others.
5: Optimization of Images
To get a higher bang for your buck and customer retention, as a team member of affordable SEO audit services in Dubai, you will have by now got the grip on image optimization and its benefits. Images are used for selling any and every product on the Internet. Compressing images helps pages to load in 20% to 40% less load time (this is very important for Google rankings). Inserting keywords into filename and writing SEO-friendly Alt text surely help.
6: Relevant Content
With search engines being tutored to recognize fresh and relevant content, regularly updating content will provide more value to your website. It is also crucial to visit the website and change statistics, infographics and other relevant dates. It is a good idea to revisit pages that have stopped receiving any traffic and add new information to them.
7: Digital Marketing
Any SEO digital marketing company in Dubai would understand the relevance of this activity. It is a well-known fact that the social media activity of customers is perhaps the greatest activity that can be tapped for business advantage. Having Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook handles mean a lot. Scheduling SEO based social media posts in a daily and weekly manner can work wonders. Creating a YouTube channel or starting a podcast will ensure that your website is not passé.
8: Local Search
Local search is still in its nascent stages and not quite tapped up to its true potential yet. Google searches are now more intent to search and find local businesses. The algorithms to search for local businesses are being constantly updated. The year 2021 is going to be all about looking out for local businesses and giving relevant search information to users. Therefore, it is important for SEO specialists in Dubai to make use of social media geotagging options.

9: Use PPC Testing
It is vital to focus on factors that improve the site’s click-through rate (CTR). The factors that you have some control over are the title tag and meta description. These should be tested over some time and measured to see if results are being delivered. To do this in a shorter period, you can use PPC to your advantage to test the meta descriptions and title tags. You can change one of these while keeping the other constant while running the tests and judging the impact. It is a good idea to run a PPC campaign to set up ads for different pages with different titles and descriptions. The test can be appropriately set up to determine which has the biggest impact on the CTR.
10: Core web vitals optimization
Optimizing core web vitals is a focus area that impacts a website page’s overall UX. Some of the vitals are that impacts Google’s page experience score are HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, and safe browsing relating to speed, visual stability and responsiveness among others. In Google’s language they are the Largest Content Paint or the time taken for the main content to load (should be less than 2.5 s), First Input delay or the time taken by the page to become interactive (ideally less than 100 ms), and Cumulative Layout Shift or the layout shift of the page’s visual content (ideally less than 0.1). It is required to optimize these factors for good overall SEO rankings.
In the coming year, the watchword for SEO specialists in Dubai is to be smart about the SEO techniques that you employ. Google continuously updates its algorithms which are surely going to impact page rankings.

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I am Mike, working as a marketing specialist at Zapio Technology a leading SEO agency in Dubai, UAE.