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2022 is all about keeping things as low maintenance as possible while still being classy. Claw clip, the 90s most iconic hair accessory, has made a return this year. It is already blowing up on TikTok and Instagram. Tons of videos have been made to instruct how to do a cute hairstyle using a claw clip.
The Fashion Herald offers great content around fashion and beauty. Claw clip is perfect for lazy yet chic, cute hairstyles. So today, we are here with 10 cute and simple ways to wear a claw clip.
1. French twist -
This is the most classic hairdo you can do with a claw clip. It just takes 30 seconds to do this hairdo. This hairdo is suitable for all hair textures, even curly hair. To create this look, gather your strands, twist them and clip them. It is that easy. It may take a few tries to perfect this hairstyle, depending on the thickness of your hair.
2. Half up, half down –
The famous 90s look. To create this look, separate half of the hair above the ears, twist them forming a bun, and secure with a claw clip. This hairdo is perfect for short and curly hair.
3. Ponytail twist –
This is the more secure version of the French twist. Instead of twisting all your hair up, make a ponytail in the middle back of your head. Twist the ponytail and make a bun with loose ends facing up. Secure the claw clip where the bun ends and your loose hair begins. This hairdo is especially suitable for thick and long hair.
4. Low ponytail –
Lost your hair tie? No worries. Grab all your hair in a low ponytail and clip them securely. You can jazz things up with a bedazzled or colorful claw clip.
5. Space buns –
Space buns using claw clips are trending recently on TikTok. This is such a cute and easy hairdo for all types of length and textures. To achieve this look, use small claw clips to secure the space buns.
6. Double clip –
Looking for some fun yet glam hairdo? Use two claw clips to secure your hairdo instead of just one. You can experiment with adding small or big clips. Also, this hairdo is great for curly and thick hair.
7. Messy Bun –
Does your hair often stick out at the back of your neck? Then this hairdo is perfect for you. Grab all your hair, make a messy bun on top of your head, and use a large claw clip to secure it tightly. A secure and chic hairdo for your everyday look.
8. Side twists –
A cute and stylish hairdo that takes only 2 seconds to do. Grab a few strands of your front hair, twist them to the side and clip them. This hairdo suits all types of hair lengths.
9. Loose braid –
This hairdo is perfect for this wedding season. Whether you are doing French, Dutch, or two twist braids, add small claw clips instead of hair ties.
10. Slicked back –
Looking for a more formal hairdo? We have got you covered. Slick back all your hair with a gel, grab the ends and tuck it into a claw clip safely.

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