Overview of Software Development Companies in the US

Over recent years, the number of custom software development companies has increased sharply. Thus, selecting the best option for your business among the available custom software development companies has become a critical issue as never before. Today, every business requires high-quality software solutions in order to run smoothly and efficiently. Honestly, choosing one and one of the top software development companies is really hard. A software development company should have the capacity to deliver outstanding software solutions. This is only possible if they have a team of software developers that is always aware of emerging technologies, platforms and languages in the software industry.

On the market, you will find top custom software development firms that meet the highest standards of service delivery. These are the type of companies that value and invest heavily on the education of their software development team. Such firms are not left behind by new technological advancements. It is highly likely that you will find the top software companies have diversified set of specializations and advantages. These are the types of software companies that you want to work with when it comes to receiving high-quality software solutions for your business. We have prepared a list of top 10 custom software development companies in U.S.

  1. Softeq

Softeq is a custom software development company that was founded in 1997. The provider has gained a lot of experience over the years since it was established and has continued to offers custom software, embedded and hardware solutions for startups and even large corporations across. The provider is regarded as the most reliable software development company and has continued to work with Fortune 100 companies. The provider has specialization in full stack development whereby their teams of software developers and hardware specialists work program from the ground up. In its elements, Softeq focuses on solutions that meet your needs ranging from concept feasibility assessment to full-on development. Whether you are looking for custom solutions developed from scratch or simply need an improvement of your existing ecosystem, Softeq, with their years of experience have the capacity to deliver.

  1. Tandem

Tandem deserves to be in this list of 10 custom software development companies due to the integrity of the services provided. Tandem was formerly known as DevyMynd which has been offering digital services since 2011. The company is always dedicated to offering well-crafted and meaningful digital experiences that will have a positive impact on the world. The provider offers services that focus on business value for its clients. It’s for that reason that they study your business so that they can help you find the right solution for your problem.

Among its diversified services, Tandem pays close attention to a business model in order to help their clients build a sound business model through research and strategic work. They also focus on human-centred design which aids in the conceptualization and validation of innovative solutions that cater to human needs. In addition to their competencies, this custom software development company helps clients in mobile app and web app development.

  1. Svitla

This valid place of top custom software development companies in U.S is deserved by Svitla due to their dedication to offering unmatched cutting edge technological innovations- and successfully offering unmatched value to their clients. Svitla, a proudly certified woman-owned company, has successfully, brought together their workers from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences into one team that provides clients with fresh and innovative software solutions.

Svitla engages with clients in three different models: first, they work as a managed team extension, whereby their technical team becomes an extension of their clients’ teams. The second model is the build-to-order software applications and in the final model, they offer consulting services. they have expertise in cloud solutions, web solutions, mobile solutions, e-commerce, Big Data, machine learning, DevOps practices, Internet of Things, SEO and website development.

  1. Kanda Software

Kanda Software is one the fastest growing custom software development company in the U.S. According to Inc. 500, this software development company is the 13th fastest growing Massachusetts company and 459th in the US overall. With over 20 years of experience, Kanda Software has worked with over 200 companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. This custom software development company delivers top quality solutions including end-to-end software development, quality assurance and support solutions to clients.

Among the custom software development services offered by Kanda Software, the provider offers mobile application development, software maintenance and support, web development and design, Big Data and DevOps services. The company has a broad range of technical competencies and unparalleled commitment to client’s satisfaction which play a significant role in achieving their goal.

  1. Fingent

Fingent is US custom software Development Company that specializes in software development and technology consulting and meets customer demands for over15 years globally. The company has pioneered custom solutions that have become core components in their clients’ business success. Their ability to deliver top quality software solutions is due to their wide technological and industry expertise. Fingent’s expertise has enabled it to partner with the world’s leading enterprises and businesses clients such as Sony, PWC, CBN, Talent Quest and NEC among others.

Fingent is accustomed to the internet of things, cloud computing, analytics and visualization and digital transformation. In addition, the industry leader specialises in development for web, mobile, enterprise software, IT consulting, product development and IT infrastructure services.

  1. Scand

Scand is a custom software development company that has positioned itself as a reliable company globally. Scand is located in Minsk Belarus. The company has successfully delivered software solutions for over 19 years globally. It’s mainly focused on software application and product development primarily based on Java, PHP, JavaScript, .NET and C++ technologies. The company prides itself in its success to bring over 250 highly experienced engineers together as one team that is dedicated to exceeding the client’s satisfaction.

This custom software development company manages to deliver diversified services and solutions. Scand specializes in application development for web, mobile and desktop as well as DevOps services and quality assurance services. the success of the Scand to offer top quality solutions on time and within budget has earned the company’s reputation and was able to form long-term relationships.

  1. Spire Digital

Spire Digital is a custom software development company that aims to help startups and enterprises to succeed through innovation. The company has, for over 20 years, providing strategic consulting, user experience design, software development, DevOps and staff augmentation to clients. Spire, attributes its success to having highly qualified staff who value their clients and are dedicated to exceeding their expectations.

Spire Digital has received several recognitions; Inc. 5000 as the fastest growing companies in the US; Denver Business Journal, as Colorado’s top web development firm; The manifest, as the second-best digital designer in the world; Colorado Big Magazine, as the top private company. Spire pays close attention to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, bots, web services, Internet of Things, mobile development and staff augmentation.

  1. Belitsoft

Belitsoft is a custom software development company located in Belarus. The company is enthusiastically offering software products globally. The company has top offshore software developers who build custom software for both small and large companies. With their extensive experience and top software developers, Belitsoft has successfully delivered over 50 large and medium scale projects spending over 2,000 hours on each.

As for the key areas of interest, the company focuses on Saas development, healthcare software development, staff augmentation, mobile app development and blockchain development. Belitsoft is also accustomed to software testing and offers automation testing services which are handled by the testing team.

  1. Icreon

Icreon is a long-term specialist in the software development field. This custom software development company aims to help businesses strategize and implement digital solutions in order to improve their growth. For over 2o years, Icreon has successfully as a leading provider of process-driven solutions for clients globally. The company mainly aims to work with growth-oriented medium-sized business from different industries and with different digital needs.

Considering the main solutions Icreon offers, the company focuses on three segments; strategy, implantation and optimization. On strategy, they focus on digital strategy, tech architecture and artificial intelligence. On Implementation, they focus on custom software, web development, mobile apps, data and analytics. Finally, on Optimization they focus on system integration, robotic process automation, data migration and digital consolidation.

  1. Omertex

Omertex is the provider than crowns this list of 10 custom software development companies in US. The company as established in 2008 and over the years it has gained experience in the development of web, mobile and desktop applications. Omertex has become an expert in FinTech software applications and solutions globally. The company aims to popularize FinTech innovation among businesses globally. The company focuses on working with businesses in various industries including, banking, blockchain, lending, payments, insurance and asset management.

As for the key areas of interest, in addition to software development, the company focuses on web development, mobile development, and startup software development, software development for SME and legacy application enhancement.


You have just discovered the top and reputable custom software development companies in the U.S which deliver solid software globally. These companies have their portfolios brimming with top brands in the world and many have completed hundreds if not thousands of projects. These are companies that really understand that the tech industry continues to evolve and so they are always looking to creating new solutions and compete in new, exciting fields.

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