Even though breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful acts in a woman's life, it proves to be a herculean task for some first-time moms. No matter how positively they jump into breastfeeding, they soon give up due to some most common breastfeeding mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly. Let's have a look at what they are and how to avoid them!

#Not Gathering Enough Information

This is quite possibly the biggest mistake every new mother makes before starting her breastfeeding journey. As you approach the final trimester of your pregnancy, you should educate yourself well about breastfeeding basics and techniques. Attend breastfeeding classes, watch online videos, conduct online searches, and read as much breastfeeding-related stuff as possible to prepare for breastfeeding.

#Not Getting Help When You Need It

Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn't mean it is an easy job. If you're facing any breastfeeding-related issues, you should immediately talk to an expert lactation consultant rather than working them out on your own. In case you're not able to afford a lactation consultant, you can always ask your friends who have been through it for help and support.

#Being Scared in Public

This problem is quite common among nursing moms. If the thought of breastfeeding in public makes you feel nervous and frightened, don't worry. There are various fashionable and opaque nursing covers available in the market today, using which you can breastfeed your little one discreetly anytime, anywhere. Buy one for yourself and feed your little one confidently in public.

#Offering Bottles and Pacifiers Too Early

Giving a bottle or pacifier too early to the baby may cause both of you many breastfeeding problems, like nipple confusion and low milk supply. As it's much easier for the baby to remove milk from the artificial nipple than your breast, chances are your baby will next time prefer a bottle over your breast to experience that ease. To avoid this, don't offer your baby bottles and pacifiers until you've successfully established breastfeeding.

#Not Wearing a Nursing Bra

Wearing the right nursing bra is extremely important to ensure easy access to your breasts and also to keep them in good health while you’re breastfeeding. Make sure you choose a supportive nursing bra of correct size. Wearing a too tight or too loose bra can put your breasts at risk of complications. Whether you’re breastfeeding at home or pumping at work, a nursing bra makes your life a whole lot easier.

#Sticking to a Strict Feeding Schedule

According to lactation experts, women who try to feed their newborns on a strict schedule make a serious breastfeeding mistake. Sticking to a rigid feeding schedule not only affects your overall milk supply but also lowers your milk's fat content. Hence, instead of scheduling your baby's feedings for a specific time frame, it's better to breastfeed him whenever he is hungry.

#Not Breastfeeding Due to Work

Just because you're a working woman doesn't necessarily mean you need to neglect to breastfeed. You can still breastfeed your newborn by pumping and bringing home bottles. Breastfeed your little one when you're at home in the mornings and evenings, and ask your family members to use the squeezed breast milk in your absence. Don't stop breastfeeding just for the sake of work!

#Not Breastfeeding at Night

One of the most difficult aspects of breastfeeding is nighttime feedings. Sometimes due to sleep deprivation and sometimes to let the baby sleep longer, many new moms skip nighttime feedings. However, that's not the right thing to do. Instead, you should avoid skipping nighttime feedings to keep your milk supply up and ensure your little one gets sufficient breast milk. Consider wearing feeding nightwear with easy nursing access to ease nighttime feedings.

#Sticking to One Posture

Since there is no fixed position defined to breastfeed an infant, you should keep trying different breastfeeding positions until you find the one that your baby enjoys the most. A good breastfeeding position is the one that allows you to latch your little one onto your breast efficiently and effectively. Whatever position you use, always use a comfy nursing pillow to prop up your baby to the level of your breast. After a fortnight, your little one will adopt a particular comfortable nursing position that you can carry on.

#Giving Up or Switching to Formula Too Soon

Assuming that your milk supply is low, offering your little one formula too soon can sabotage your breastfeeding relationship. If your milk supply is well-established, supplementing with formula can decrease your current supply. So as far as possible, avoid giving formula milk to your newborn. Also, try not to give up on breastfeeding too quickly. Give it some time, and you'll surely succeed!

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