We are used to investing a lot of time and money in our cars and their maintenance. And the more expensive the vehicles, the greater the chances that they can be stolen from some parking lot or even your driveway. Plus, the fact that auto theft is on the rise isn't the only thing vehicle owners should worry about. An even bigger problem is that nowadays car thieves use highly technological and non-invasive techniques that allow them to go undetected and easily go unnoticed. It is therefore important to take additional security measures to adequately protect the vehicle from criminals. Whenever you park your car, your safety should therefore be your priority, especially during the night. To avoid unnecessary stress.

1. Secure your keys
Always remember to keep your car keys away from prying eyes, even the spare ones. This may seem obvious, but it is often forgotten, especially in the case of a quick stop in front of a shop or gas station. Leaving the car keys in a visible place will allow thieves to easily access the vehicle, which can then be stolen quickly and easily. Getting the original car key is actually the easiest way to steal almost any vehicle, because using it does not set off a stock alarm or an aftermarket alarm.

While it's important to always keep an eye on your car keys during your daily errands, it's also vital to keep them close at night. Avoid always leaving them near the front door or in a house or apartment that is easily accessible by others. The reason for this lies in the fact that it is not uncommon for thieves to enter the house with the sole intent of taking the keys in order to steal the car parked in the driveway. Experienced criminals could also clip the car keychain by passing a special accessory in the shape of a fishing rod or coat hanger through the letterbox. Additionally, it is recommended that you keep your car keys in a metal locker when at home, especially if you have a vehicle with a keyless entry system. Since the cabinet works like a Faraday cage, relay attack ”, more and more common lately.

In addition to the measures presented above, it is advisable to reprogram any spare keys received from previous car owners. If you are in the habit of buying used vehicles, this will ensure maximum safety of the car, as it will disable any potential theft, perhaps even by people who were already monitoring your new car when it was still in the possession of the previous owner. In this way, you can avoid access to the car by unwanted people, ensuring maximum safety of the car. Finally, consider buying a car key case, especially if you have an electronic key. Just like the metal cabinet, the case also acts like a Faraday cage and prevents the signal from being transmitted outside.

2. Hide valuables
Leaving cell phone, sunglasses, laptop, wallet, purse, or other expensive items and equipment in the passenger seat or dashboard of the car not only attracts experienced car thieves but also occasionally petty criminals who may notice the valuables on display passing by the car. In this case, the chances of the entire car being stolen are also increased. While some thieves are only interested in the valuables inside the vehicle, others may consider stealing the entire vehicle. Whenever you park your car, remember to remove valuables. If you are far from home and cannot take everything with you,

Another extremely valuable tip for car safety concerns important documents such as a driver's license or registration certificate. These two should always be kept hidden while the vehicle is parked. If thieves can easily locate them, this can increase the chances of a car theft attempt.

3. Install a car alarm
Car alarms function as an anti-theft system and are designed to alert people if someone unauthorized attempts to tamper with a vehicle. Car alarm systems are generally considered to be a great tool for car safety, as they stay on all the time and go off very quickly if someone tries to open the vehicle. Some of the more advanced car alarms are also equipped with additional features, such as a mobile notification system, capable of broadcasting an alert whenever unusual activity is detected.

Many modern vehicles are equipped with a factory alarm system already installed, however many older cars do not have similar safety features, and therefore are not protected. As many classic car models become more and more at risk of theft as they age, it is vital to consider equipping such vehicles with good aftermarket alarm systems to keep them protected at all times.

Despite this, over the years, many people have become insensitive to the noises of car alarms, especially in large cities, where a series of false alarms on a daily basis is part of the city noise that hardly anyone pays attention to. When choosing the right car alarm system, it is important to choose a high quality model that is not easily activated, for example by a passing truck, strong wind or cats walking on the hood. In this way, you will be able to integrate a car security system with a loud siren into the vehicle which will have a better chance of alerting passersby that something suspicious is happening and will work as a deterrent to car thieves, albeit an alarm in itself it will never be able to fully protect a vehicle from theft.

4. Install a steering lock
The steering lock is one of the simplest theft deterrents and also a fairly inexpensive car security tool, at least in the cases of a base model. Even so, the more you are willing to pay, the more quality and advanced features you get. Since the steering lock fits directly on the steering wheel, it prevents its movement and therefore the possibility of car theft. The steering locks may be colored and visible from the outside of the vehicle. In this way, they can easily discourage thieves and car burglars from entering the vehicle, making it much more convenient to search for an easier target while leaving out that particular vehicle.

Many modern car thieves are experts in high-tech car theft methods, such as jamming or relay attacks that can be performed remotely, without using any special tools to get inside the car. Since these thieves are particularly interested in the car's electronic system, they usually don't carry heavy tools with them to remove the steering lock and drive the vehicle.

5. Fit an immobilizer, especially if you have an older car
A car immobilizer is an electronic anti-theft device that prevents the vehicle from being started without the use of the proper key. Disable basic systems for starting the vehicle, usually power and ignition. Immobilizers are installed as standard in most vehicles manufactured after 1998. However, several companies supply aftermarket immobilizers that can also be installed on older vehicles. If you have a classic car, you should consider buying a good immobilizer. Many car thieves actually intentionally target older vehicles because there is likely to be no proper anti-theft system installed.

An immobilizer does not prevent the thief from entering the vehicle, but it could prevent it from being successfully stolen. Even if a thief manages to get an immobilized vehicle going, it will take him a long time to get it moving, so he will likely think twice before stealing the car.

6. Park in a safe area
The best way to keep your vehicle safe is to park it in a garage, especially at night when the streets are dark and empty, which allows thieves to break in without getting caught. In addition, parking indoors will also keep your car safe from any damage due to the weather, such as hail or falling branches. In case you have no choice but to leave your car on the street, be sure to park it in a well-lit and highly trafficked area, preferably near some public place. This is a great strategy for car security, as people passing by can easily identify any attempted theft and are more likely to report the theft to the police.

By leaving the vehicle away from home and in a dark and isolated area, thieves could take advantage of it and target it in their next theft attempt. They may be able to continuously tamper with the locks and take the vehicle away without being noticed.

7. Lock the car
This might sound obvious, but numerous car thefts happen due to unlocked doors. Therefore, you must always lock the car even if only for a short stop in front of a grocery store. What's even more worrying, however, is the fact that many car owners even leave their keys in the ignition once the car is parked, which makes car theft a breeze. The vehicle should remain locked even when parked in a seemingly quiet, low-crime neighborhood, as there may be thieves who will take advantage of your trust, waiting for the best chance to steal your beloved vehicle. It is also highly advisable to manually check the car door handles every time it is locked, even if you hear the "sound of the lock". This helps to recognize and prevent possible jamming, which can actually be performed on any car with an electronic key, by disrupting the key and receiver communication inside the car.

In addition to the doors, it is important to keep the roof and windows closed. While keeping the windows slightly open might be a good idea to air out the car when parked, this can greatly increase the chance of the vehicle being stolen.

8. VIN engraving
VIN engraving is an inexpensive method of car safety , and can easily be done if the car has not been engraved or branded as standard. The procedure involves the engraving of a unique code (VIN) on different parts of the car, such as glass, mirrors or frames, to make them immediately recognizable and therefore much more difficult to sell. If thieves notice that a vehicle is hacked, they will likely switch to another car. Furthermore, this strategy will also prevent thieves from changing the identity of the car.

While there is no guarantee that engraving will prevent thieves from stealing a car, this technique can effectively help police recover a vehicle if it is stolen. As soon as the vehicle is stolen, the car owner should actually contact the police and provide the vehicle's unique code as well as other important information.

Car window engraving is also a service commonly provided by car dealerships, which is included among the extra offers. In addition to engraving, some companies also provide non-removable stickers with unique codes that can be applied to certain parts of the vehicle. The engraving equipment is also available online, so that anyone can do it quickly and easily.

9. Use jaws
The jaws work as a deterrent to car safety. They allow the vehicle owner to feel comfortable without having to spend a "kidney". Just like other physical tools, they allow you to defend yourself if the thief has access to the electronic key. The jaws simply attach to a wheel with a Y-lock, preventing the car from moving. Installation usually takes only a few minutes. Despite this, they cannot be removed without proper tools. Other than that, it is almost impossible to remove them silently, as they are usually large in size. The heavier the jaws, the safer they are considered.

Usually, the brake shoes are colored, which greatly increases their visibility, thus giving thieves a clear message to move on to the next car. Additionally, they completely cover wheel nuts and prevent thieves from removing and stealing car wheels, which is especially common in urban areas with a high crime rate. Before purchasing brake shoes, make sure they fit perfectly on your vehicle.

10. Buy a car GPS tracker
You need to consider all of the precautions presented above to prevent any potential car theft, especially if you live in a slum neighborhood with a high crime rate. Despite this, the best way to ensure car safety is to install a car GPS tracker. This accessory usually combines car GPS tracking system and an alarm function that is activated if someone tries to access or move the car.

I localizzatori GPS per auto moderni sono dotati anche di sistema di notifica mobile avanzato che fornisce avvisi in tempo reale in caso di eventuali vibrazioni rilevate su un veicolo. Questi sistemi di localizzazione solitamente sono costituiti dai 2 componenti principali: l’unità di diagnostica a bordo che si collega semplicemente alla porta OBD II, e l’applicazione telefonica che fornisce informazioni in tempo reale. I sistemi di localizzazione GPS per auto funzionano comunemente tramite rete mobile e quindi sono dotati di GPS e antenna GMS propria.

If you are looking for the best car GPS tracker on the market to ensure car safety, you should take a look at CarLock, real time car tracker and alarm system. An easy-to-manage car tracking system that helps keep vehicles protected 24/7 from any location. It simply plugs into a car's in-car diagnostic port and transmits messages via CarLock Cloud. Car owners can later use their laptops or any other smart device to track the location of their vehicle. To ensure the best possible protection for a vehicle, CarLock provides a series of safety notifications automatically triggered by the following events: vehicle moved, engine started, vibrations detected and even “device disconnected” alarm. The car GPS tracker also provides another level of safety for newly licensed motorists, as it is able to monitor driving habits and report any reckless behavior behind the wheel.

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