Computers to small IoT devices, anything that has access to the internet can be hacked and hackers can get sensitive data about millions of people. Government, retail, healthcare are the most popular sectors among hackers. If your web application or website is in another domain, it doesn’t mean that you can relax. Losses regarding security of users personal data can cause breaking of trust and it leads to more financial and reputational losses. Although there is no 100% guarantee of security, as unforeseen circumstances can happen. There are some methods that you can implement to reduce web app security issues. Let’s see those security best practices.

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Web Application Security Best Practices-
1. Use SSL (HTTPS) Encryption-
Use of SSL encryption is necessary and priority in web app protection. HTTPS can protect vulnerable and exploitable data like social security numbers, credit and debit card numbers, login information, for team members and users also. With HTTPS, data that is placed into a web application is encrypted so that it’s basically a useless task for hackers to try and get the data. Also, browsers like Chrome flags websites/apps as insecure that are lacking a secure HTTPS certificate. HTTPS secures private data, plain and simple.

2. Document All Changes Of Software-
When your web app goes live, the number of new features and changes grows. While paying attention to new changes requesting from users and trying to bring them in reality, developers and owners put off documenting changes and risk their web security. From the security perspective, it is a big mistake and can cost a lot. As projects evolve, there is addition of new frameworks, libraries and features. Any single issue in a third-party library can cause major data infringement and without documentation, it will be hard to find where the problem occurred. So always document all the changes in software.

3. Perform An Inventory Of Web Applications-
Maybe you don’t have an idea about – your company relies on which applications on a daily basis. Most of the organizations have many rogue apps running at any given time and never notice it until something goes wrong. One cannot maintain effective web app security without knowing which apps company is using. Performing inventory can be a big task and it will take some time to complete. When you perform inventory, note the purpose of each application. Take your time and get every application

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