Every women’s dream closet includes some jazzy dresses, everyday clothing, perfect formal clothing, and most importantly party wear clothing. Whether you party or not, you are always mesmerized by the fancy party wear clothes. Partywear clothing mostly includes some shiny bling dresses, cocktail dresses, little black dress, and some amazing party wear tops. Party tops come in so many varieties that it gets confusing at to what to buy and what to miss. This is why we tell you about the latest party wear tops that you should have in your closet at all costs!

Mesh/ Net Tops

Nothing says sexy like some see-through, mesh tops. See-through tops are trending since forever and are a very popular clothing items for partying. It is absolutely easy to style them as well. You can wear a bralette underneath throw in some classy neckpiece, pair it with a leather skirt or leggings and it will give you such a fancy yet effortless style. Mesh tops always look best when they are loose fitted. Embroidered mesh tops adds class to your outfit. So instead of wearing a plain see-through top, look for something that has some kind of design element.

One-Shoulder Tops

One-shoulder tops with some sleeve detailing or some other design element can completely transform your look! One-shoulder tops are eye-catchy and so much in style. A ruffled effect on the sleeve will definitely enhance your upper body area. This rugged ruffle effect top is one of a kind party wear top that you cannot miss at all.

Bow Tops

Bows are so feminine and make you look classy- no matter what the occasion is. A classic shimmer bow will work perfectly for a party, but if shimmer is not your style then you can opt for some classic organza effect to add a style element. Organza bow effect crop top will compliment tall and petite body type. Peplum bow tops are perfect for plus size women. Styling according to your body shape plays an important role as well.

Sequin/ Glitter Tops

Party is incomplete without sexy sequins and bling. So this one should definitely be on your list. Even if the top is basic and simple, the glitter fabric itself creates the charm. This fabric suits every woman regardless of her shape and size. A comfort fit pink sequins top can be paired with black pants, shorts, and even denim. Wearing party wear tops makes it super comfortable at dancing parties.

Lace Tops

Are you party lover and you want be look sexy then you need to check sexy dresses online and When in doubt about what to wear for a party event or a night scene? Pick spaghetti top with some floral lace arrangement for an effortless style statement. Spaghetti tops can be paired with skinny-fit denims, skirts, and even flared pants. Don't forget to accessorize it well. You can also do layering. Layering is one such trend that is seen everywhere these days and spaghetti top can be easily layered.

Ruffle Tops

Ruffles are bold, fun, and very playful. Ruffles played well can completely change your whole persona. Carrying a ruffle top can be tricky but there’s always a way out. If you have broad biceps and shoulder then wear it with a high waist bottom to shift focus from your upper area. If you are petite body shape then the focus should be on your shoulders. Wear dangling earrings and neckpieces to focus on that area. Bright colored ruffle top in silk fabric will be perfect for fancy parties. Pair it up with classy pearl jewelry.

Statement Tops

Statement tops are anything that have the wow factor in it, unlike the basic tops, they are more fashion-forward with usually some extravagant design element attached. Like a big bow or some long ruffles. They are called so because they usually make a statement when one steps out wearing them. Statement party wear tops an essential item in your closet. They can be tricky sometimes but you always have to shop, keeping in mind your personal style.

Tassels & Fringes

Fringe outfits may look causal, but sometimes that’s all you need. When you don’t feel like dressing up but still want to look your best. They are playful and quirky. Always choose some bright colors so that it can be paired with a variety of options. Tassel tops don’t require much styling and accessorizing as they are itself sufficient to rock your look.

Go With Your Instincts

Trusting your instincts is the best style advice you can receive. You know what suits you best so don’t shy away from it- experiment and style as per your body shape, size and style. Don’t shy away from experimenting you can always discover something new. The key is to add a new trend and adapt it with your personal style. And it is very convenient when you are shopping for party wear tops.

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