Autumn is almost upon us. The bright blue sunny sky along with the warm wind is alluring holidaymakers to step out of their homes and experience heaven on earth. How about a city break escape this weekend? If at all you're planning a city break, but sceptical where to go with your friends or families, we'll help you to choose the best destination in Europe. We're sure you'll get inspired.

Antwerp, Belgium
A proud city, never hesitant to flaunt its majestic cathedrals, unsoiled quays and artistic creations. Talk to any local about Antwerp and you'll be enchanted with their tales and ideas. Due to a connecting port, this rambling city witnessed non-stop incursion of influences that kept cultivating the Belgian beauty with innovative developments.

Porto, Portugal
A phenomenal town voted as 'The Best European Destination 2017', is a concoction of trade, culture, history, architecture and explorations. The river Duoro adds more glitter to the city's infrastructure.

Fly over the majestic Douro in a helicopter and admire imposing bridges, captivating landscapes and multi-hued buildings. Porto is a stunning beach city facing the Atlantic. With budget holidays a walking tour is all you need to explore remarkable restaurants, thriving bars and the whirlwind of markets.

Bilbao, Spain
With an impressive expansion and rapid cultural development beyond boundaries, Bilbao turned out to be a flourishing city post-Civil War. Upon eradicating crucial financial downfall, Bilbao didn't waste much time to become a dynamic city, crammed with attractions such as museums, institutions, music centres, restaurants and art galleries.

Bordeaux, France
Earning the Best European Destination award for 2015, Bordeaux has got every reason to be a compelling town with an interesting history, tradition and culinary delights. Built on river Garonne, the city is split into two parts – right bank and left bank.

Teeming with some of the finest hotels, French cuisine, numerous museums, age-old buildings and cutting-edge business developments, Bordeaux is the next best thing that is waiting to startle you in many ways.

Gdansk, Poland
The mysterious and distinctive character of Gdansk will definitely give you a thousand reasons to explore the city and fall head over heels for it. Well, Gdansk is a modern Polish town with a flourishing cultural scene. Whether it's the attractive beaches, intriguing shipyard, parks, sports or shopping vicinities, the city is utterly life-throbbing.

Valencia, Spain
One of the most charismatic tourist destinations, Valencia combines history, heritage and activities suitable for all ages. Whether you're a first-timer or a returning visitor, this Spanish city never fails to astonish the most lethargic traveller.

The architecture of the city goes back to the first century, which can be seen rubbing shoulders with revolutionary buildings. Beaches abiding by the Mediterranean Sea are accessible with 15 minutes from the main city centre.

Nice, France
Life at its best begins at this seaside gem. Nice, a coastal beauty located in Central Europe, offers a whirlpool of unique creations, art, culture, architectural wonders and innovations. It proudly boasts of leading infrastructures, the largest accommodation facilities and ability to allure tourists from all over the world. With its fine and warm Mediterranean climate, Nice promises a unique journey into the heart of serenity and entertainment.

San Sebastian, Spain
No excuses for not visiting San Sebastian. An unparalleled Spanish city that rose to stardom with its unique cuisine and a broad range of festivals, is awe-inspiring.
The city is divided into three main districts, or three key beaches - Ondarreta Beach, Concha Beach and Zurriola Beach. With low-cost holiday packages enjoy strolling on the stone-lined streets around the Old Town, biting into some munchies at the Pintxos bar.

Towards the east, you will discover a vibrant district, Gor. The charming shops might lure you into some exciting shopping activity alongside the Zurriola Beach. The attractions are endless. Hence, to summarize San Sebastian, it's a city to get lost into.

Prague, Czech Republic
The jewel of the world or the city with a hundred spires - Prague, has been listed as an amazing, praiseworthy city since ages. A rewarding experience awaits when you begin your tour with the magical Prague Castle, its gardens or the Royal Palace. The city view from the top of the Castle garden is spellbinding.

As you maintain your walk towards the Old Town Square, you'll be stunned to see the Astronomical Clock still ticking. Move ahead a few steps towards the Jewish quarter to explore synagogues and art-nouveau-style Municipal House.

Zagreb, Croatia
Romance and cultural vigour never appear to fade away from Zagreb. Everything is so very young and fresh. With cheap city breaks visitors can enjoy endless opportunities as they visit parks, museums, watch musical events, admire art galleries, admire architecture and shop at the gigantic malls. There are broad alleys with pretty-looking cafes and city centres with world-class hotel chains.

The nightlife of Zagreb is electrifying. With plenty of bars, beer cafes, cocktail bars, jazz clubs and restaurants, you'll surely be spoilt for choices.
The world is big and beautiful, there is so much to discover with budget holidays.

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