Summers are usually fun!

Most of us instantly brighten up just with thoughts of BBQ-friendly temperatures on the weekends; however, when it comes to dressing up for summers, it’s not always easy as it takes a hell lot of research to produce an overall pleasant summer look. Of course, on such hot days, layering does not even come close to being an option, which means your dress and accessories have to do all the talking.
So, to help you gain the right inspiration on styling simple summer dresses with a few accessories, we put forward a useful list of 10 best dress ideas that will help you make the seasonal transition!

Idea #1 Pick a bohemian style
Don’t be afraid to go boho while spending time with friends over a summer brunch. An addition of multiple prints will do wonders to your overall bohemian look this season. Also, don’t forget to wear a few simple accessories such as bangles along to give a nice casual look.

Idea #2 Experiment with the polka dot dress style
Another way to chisel up your summer look is by adopting a vintage style the polkadot dress. Polka dot dresses look fabulous and chic, especially when accessorized with aviators and camel shoes. If you fancy creating a smart yet casual look, polka dot is your safe bet.

Idea #3 Add florals
Women usually fall for good florals as they are amazingly versatile, and, moreover, they look feminine , something all women love to flaunt. A good floral dress along with a crystal clutch should be your idea of a seamless summer look. Usually in summers, several distinguished designers such as Alysse Sterling introduce their exclusive designer clutch purses for summer. Opt for the best from their best crystal clutch collection this summer!
The combination of a good floral dress and crystal clutch is to die for!

Idea #4 Try light layers
Light layers, usually come in handy when the office AC makes the entire room cold and freezing. At such times, light, airy layers will just be perfect to cover up the bare skin, without the weight of heavy cardigans.

Idea #5 Shop for bold colours
Its summers, which is invariably the best time to go shopping for bright and bold coloured outfits and accessories. Be prepared to wear neon attires this summer. Be brave and don’t hesitate to put up that bright yellow skirt on!

Idea #6 Wear unusual colours
To wear an unusual colour requires a lot of courage and confidence. But, a peculiar colour will make a fantastic statement, leaving no space for accessories. With such colours, you don’t really need accessories. But, of course, you can always wear some contrasting but simple accessories just for creating a dramatic effect.

Idea #7 Give a shot at geometric patterns
Quite lately, women have started relying on bold geometric patterns or prints for creating a profound summer look. Undoubtedly, these prints look excellent and speak volumes about the fashion styles of its wearer. Remember, contrast is the key, so make sure you wear an interesting accessory such as cowboy shoes or crystal clutch purse with it.

Idea #8 Neutrals and contrasts
It is a good idea to play around with neutral dresses along with contrasting accessories. For instance, go for a white dress and wear a red colour accessory. In our opinion, this look will definitely spice things up!

Idea #9 Always carry a scarf
A scarf does a fabulous job in boosting the simplest of a summer outfit. Draping the scarf around your shoulders or head will surely garner attention along with providing you relief from the harsh sun. Wear a lightweight scarf.

Idea #10 Don’t wear too much jewellery
Once the temperatures start to rise, bid adieu to bracelets, necklaces and rings. Although you can wear earrings as they don’t really touch the skin much, but it is best advisable to wear them only if necessary.
What Next?

The purpose of this article is to help you get ready to face summer days in style. Take classy fashion to a whole new level this summer, with the help of the above mentioned tips!

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Evie Dawson: A fashion blogger by interest and a creative designer by profession. She lives and breathes fashion which reflects in her brand – AlysseSterling, a line of stylish women clutches. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.