AngularJS is an open source web framework backed by Google. It is the first front end framework based on MVC design pattern. This allows two-way binding that enables to reflect changes continuously on a page. AngularJS framework provides features like dependency injection, ready to use templates, testing etc. It also allows development of single page applications with neat and clean code. And so AngularJS is unique. Apart from these advantages and uniqueness, AngularJS has some disadvantages too. These advantages can affect application and degrade the user experience. Let us see which are those disadvantages-

Its performance is slow due to its dirty checking method.
CLI documentation doesn’t provide good information.
Angular has limited SEO options and poor accessibility for search engines.
It’s monolithic
Because of these disadvantages, many developers are searching for its alternatives. So here we came with alternatives for Angular.

10 Best Angular Alternatives-
1. Vue.js-
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