Social networking and mobile technology now play a vital role in our lives. They influence the way we work, communicate and entertain.

Below are the top five social media trends that everybody wants to know:

1. Live-video

YouTube has been a sensation in 2004. But 12 years later we have the opportunity not just to write and publish video and live broadcasts via mobile phone.

Meerkat was one of the first social networks to easily share live-video, then Twitter has bought Periscope and blocked the work of Meerkat.

In 2015 Blab tried hard to win the audience's attention but soon was off.

Today, the main competitor of Periscope was the Facebook Live.

This trend affects the way we share our stories and important events. Live broadcasts - is another way to interest the audience.

Buzzfeed recently recorded a live video that is watched by millions of viewers. What attracted so many users? Subject broadcast - as you like gum to blow up a watermelon.

2. Chat bots are changing our communication
Chat bots - this interactive agents that mimic a meaningful conversation without human intervention.

In an age of artificial intelligence all around trying to give the car the mind of man.

Chat bots Facebook - one of the manifestations of this revolution, which are rapidly gaining popularity and offer marketers another useful tool.

Chat bots offer flexibility by automating tasks and assistance in gathering information. They have become an important element in improving the user experience and improve the efficiency of customer service.

In April 2016, Mark Zuckerberg said that third parties may use the messenger platform to create your own chat bots. Since then, their popularity worldwide has grown significantly. Basic functionality at the same time remains the same, which improves the interaction in real time.

Customers always expect quick responses to their queries and comments. Chat bots can answer most of the questions customers without human intervention.

Chotu - one of the leading technologies chat bot - a robot with an artificial intelligence-based Facebook messenger, which accelerates the collection of information through a messenger. He collects the data from the message, so there is no need to use multiple applications.

Chotu can simultaneously perform a variety of tasks and offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This trend will help you to establish strong relationships with current and potential clients and save.

3. Fading social content
Attracting the attention of users online - it's a battle between large and small brands. Result? Too much information. Stand out is not easy, so many marketing tactics do not work.

But Snapchat changed approach. He made content disappear.

It has brought a sense of urgency. Members know that they have very little time to learn the content before it disappears. So there Snapchat Stories, which are only available for 24 hours.

Recently Instagram Snapchat Stories copied and presented its own platform Instagram Stories.
Disappearing content become part of developing social networks. Try out this new trend and use it in their marketing campaigns.

4. Integration of social networks
Any developing sphere begins with many small companies, and then eventually begins to center around a small group of major central players. And social networking is no exception.

Facebook bought WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus Rift. Twitter acquired Periscope. And Microsoft recently bought LinkedIn for $ 27 billion.
With the rise of large corporations in the market of social networks will continue to change the rules. This means that small projects will be more difficult to break.

Modern marketers need to understand that the situation is constantly changing, so I just need to monitor closely all developments.

5. To attract organic traffic is getting harder
Previously, to attract the attention of users in social networks was a snap. It was necessary to simply attract more subscribers.

But this is changing.

Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms abandon chronological publication updates. Social networks are becoming paid media.
The reason for these changes? Too little space and too much content.

What to do?

Optimize your social networks to your content on the first page of search results Google.

Create a list of email addresses, so you can communicate with the audience directly, bypassing the algorithms Google and Facebook, that block or filter your content.
Get to know the new platform and use multi-channel approach.

Learn new secrets and tactics to improve marketing effectiveness.

Marketers and business people have to understand that those tactics that they are using will not work forever. The world is constantly changing, so you need to keep abreast of new trends and adapt their strategies. The only way to remain effective.

Author's Bio: 

Vivek Gururani is a digital marketer at Designhill, I consult businesses on digital transformation in order to enable innovation, improve customer experiences and plan for a more robust digital future.