Every company is striving to get hold of better clientele through different sources. The competition has got higher with the rise of the online industry where people have many products and services to choose from. Social media is good way to get people’s attention that is widely used by the public now days. The sweepstakes and contests are getting quite an attention to increase the market exposure and add up to the public popularity. Though sweepstakes and contests are not the only way to market the product or services, but these should be included in the different marketing tactics. The advantages of sweepstakes are undeniable. Though there are many benefits of these but here we will discuss 10 benefits.

1- Increase in the Clientele

The first advantage of running a contest is to get people’s attention and add up to your audience. Give away prizes though different contests and creating texts to win sweepstakes tend to attract quick attention of the people. The companies who develop a strategy for these sweepstakes through social media or mobile increase by leaps and bounds in generating people’s interest in their company.

2- Win Win Game

There is no doubt that companies crop many benefits from running sweepstakes campaigns, but it is also true that people get prizes, coupons and different advantages too. So, this is a win win game for both the companies as well as the clients, where both get something in the end. Happier clients mean long term relationship and sustained interest.

3- Engaging the Audience

It is easy to catch the attention of the people, but it is very hard to retain the audience. Text sweepstakes are a legitimate way to keep your audience engaged and keep their interest for a longer period. The main object is to increase the loyalty of the customers who trust the company for its care through regular give away.

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4- Permanent Growth in Data Base

Through traditional ways of marketing companies do not get any idea of their customers. But mobile sweepstakes is the quicker and easier way to increase the company data base of target customers. Sweepstakes farms needs subscribers to enter though email and phone number. In this way they can a direct access to their customer. Whenever, the company needs to initiate sweepstakes and contest, they only have to send a text message to promote their business. Newsletters can also be sent to the potential customers through this data base.

5- Marketing Through Word of Mouth

It is very exciting advantage of contests when you get advertised by your customers. When you give away exciting prizes keeping in view the interest of the people,you amplify the radius of your marketing. The easiest way to make it compulsory for the participant to share the same news to 10 people and each one can enter the contest by sharing or texting it to other ten people. It is the legitimate way to multiply your audience and reach as many people as you can through your data base.

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6-Increase in the Traffic

What can be greater motivation to give away nice gifts to people to visit your website or social media page? Good incentives make people visit a website or social media page more often, thus indirectly rising your google page ranking. So, every customer and page visitor is profitable to a company business in the long run.

7-Increasing Sales

Increased exposure of your brand to the public and engaging subscribers directs to the buyers and customers and eventually you get a higher sales pitch The whole idea of give away prizes and contests is to generate sales and grow effectively. And this aim is accomplished through the sweepstakes.

8- Generating Handsome Profits

An effective promotion of contests leads to the direct as well as indirect profits in the business. The sponsors get more attention through sweepstakes and get a fluid number of customers.

9-Building You Brand

There is no doubt that sweepstakes and contests help companies to reach people, so, this is the best way to develop your product or service into a brand by reaching thousands of people and potential buyers through newsletters. Building awareness of your brand is the right way to promote.

10- A Cost Effective Way

Using text sweepstakes management or social media contests are a cheaper way to market your product or services. Though it seems expensive to give away prizes more often, but actually it is a very cheap way to get your customer’s attention without spending crazy amounts on commercial add campaigns.
A sensible strategic sweepstakes management can end up in a favorable consequence for the company. Moreover, it generates a profitable PR among the masses. Contests and give away prizes pose a good impression on the potential customers and they motivate them to purchase your product or opt for your services.
Thus, using sweepstakes and contest as a platform for any product can be beneficial to the companies with low costs and higher profits.Hiring a good sweepstakes management services helps you to explore through this multi- dimensional marketing platform more effectively. An engaging and responsive campaign is the key to success.

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