Los Angeles: One person was killed and four people “critically” injured in the shooting in a church near Los Angeles, law enforcers said Sunday, only one day after an armed man killed 10 people in a grocery shop in New York.”Four victims have been seriously injured,” a post on the Twitter account of the Sheriff Orange County Department. “One victim died at the scene.”Other people suffer from a “small” injury, said the department, added that all victims were adults.
Law enforcement says emergency calls come from the Church of Geneva Presbyterian at 1:26 afternoon (20:26 GMT) Sunday afternoon.We have arrested one person and have found weapons that might be involved,” the Sheriff Department said in a previous tweet.Orange County Fire Authority said on Twitter that firefighters and paramedics “” was in place and cared for and transported many patients. “Images posted on social media seem to show an emergency that lined up outside of a church.California Governor’s Office Gavin Newsom said he was working with local officials to monitor the situation.
“Nobody has to be afraid to go to their place of worship. Our minds are with the victims,” the office tweeted.Member of the Democrat Congress Katie Porter, who represented Orange County in Washington, called the shooting “Disappointing and disturbing news, especially less than a day after mass shooting at Buffalo.”This should not be our new normal.According to the Sheriff Department, this church is located in the city of Laguna Woods, 45 miles (70 kilometers) of Southeast Los Angeles.

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