Inclusiveness in a community is often associated with diversity – and Workafella believes that a combination of the two works best for the company. In terms of diversity, our community members belong to different professions, different organizations but they are all smart minds who are talented. By thoroughly understanding their abilities, unique qualities and preferences it is necessary to build a community that’s strong. For instance, most Workafella centers have a prayer hall where the religious people can offer prayers at their convenience. Workafella an organization built on the foundations of equality and diversity, has also partnered with Anita’s to help talented women in Tech and IT. They assist women in technical fields, the organizations that employ them, and the institutions that train the future generations of women with potential in the field of technology. Not that just, Workafella also believes that it is important to foster a healthy community. For which, we focus on health of the workforce by organizing health check-ups. This isn’t just limited to physical health, but mental health of the stressed workforce is also important. Which is why we organize games, events to help the workforce de-stress. For instance, we host quizzes, engage them in tarot card reading sessions and even karaoke sessions. We also believe that networking is an important part of a coworking space. Which is why we have dedicated special common areas, gaming rooms and meeting rooms which will help employees build potential friendships and business partners.

2. With more supply, there is a greater competition in Coworking space Chennai, in that scenario how would you retain and attract new users?

Yes, that’s right. Coworking is still at a very nascent stage. The industry has a huge scope to grow. There is immense potential for structured players to expand at a fast pace. By 2020, it is believed that there is a possibility that coworking spaces will double, and the possibly overtake the traditional office format. But one thing is going to be constant about us. We will strive to evolve with the changing needs of the clients and try to understand what the Indian workforce expect of their work environment. We will work on building our strengths. Given that we are a home-grown brand, we foresee ourselves as proud Indians who will help in creating innovative products and services that help the coworking industry and also compete with global standards.

3. What are your strategies to succeed in 2020?
We are proud to have been India’s first Coworking space Chennai to provide 24/7 AC and access. We are also a brand known for unmatched IT infrastructure. Over time we offered over 30 plus amenities which include providing end-to-end office solutions, gym, crèche, on-call doctors, security and even a valet parking service. By 2020, we plan on working on our strengths and delve more to the customer’s requirements.

4. After operating a Coworking space for so many years, what have been your learnings on effective communal setting?

Connecting with other industry professionals is one of the main reasons why people like to work in a communal setting. The Workafella centres offer a fun, upbeat and relaxed vibe, this is why we invest our attention to create a unique work culture experience. Workafella offers a range of office types to choose from, these include custom built spaces, private office, dedicated desks, hot desks and virtual office spaces. We work on understanding our customer’s profile and then offer our customised services to help his business grow. By providing cafeterias, game rooms and common access areas, we’ve understood that the workforce enjoys a sense of freedom in the laid-back setting of the office space. By introducing these options, we believe that we are fostering a healthy community within our coworking spaces.

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