Duct Tape!

Well, I wish fixing a broken surf board and your life was as easy as a trip to your local hardware store and a clever taping job, but sometimes a wave drops down on you so freakishly hard it breaks you and your board. The result, some broken bones, deep bruises and shattered dreams, but you are alive. Similarly, life sometimes comes down on you so hard, the blow breaks your heart, desire, dreams, goals, bank account, relationship, you name it. The pure fact that life sometimes shows its beauty like a magical barrel on a sunny day, but ends in disaster shows us that we are alive and vulnerable.

Even on the best of days, we overcome challenges, we get past the small things, but how do we get back on track after being in a serious, crazy day of whitewash? When your life comes crashing down on you and breaks some part of you, the feeling couldn't be any worst then being held down to the bottom struggling for air. I wish it was easy as saying hope takes care of you, but hope, although powerful, can't fill your lungs full of air for a life-saving breath.

After that first blow, the moment you can move, swim to the top and keep moving. Once you take care of imminent danger and get to shore, keep moving, either mentally or physically. If you are hurt, if you have been crushed by someone, something, some accident, fired at work, your partner left you, you got in a car crash, had someone pass away, felt depressed, lonely, lost some money, made a bad decision - oh, I'm sure there has been a crushing blow. However, you must keep moving and get out of the surf zone even if you don't know what you are supposed to do next, just move.

Funny thing about the prescription of movement, if you keep your body and mind active, you can pass through the pain and disappointments that disorient you to the point that up and down look the same. The small, daily bumps we overcome throughout our lives are like walking over stones on the beach, it's just life, and if we want to surf, we easily walk over those stones, but moments of significant pain need a bit more care to recover. Furthermore, when you feel empty and disoriented, taking tiny active steps, like cleaning the house, cleaning your gear bag, washing your car, or organizing your closet, help like aspirin for a headache. Those small dosages of activities start to bring your body back into motion and prepares you to move back out to catch your next wave. When you stop, you find yourself reliving the pain over and over again.

The crushing movement of life is over; you can't fix the broken board. You can only get a new board and keep surfing. I'm not saying don't reflect and learn, but I am saying don't use past moments as a rusty old anchor that drags you down to the bottom where you believe it's too heavy to rid yourself of the past. The little movements and activities bring your body and mind back into the mode of the living that cut away at the chain of self-doubt, like having your own lifeguard provide first aid and bandages, just don't ponder on where you are going until you have movement.

Life and waves happen, and sometimes it hurts, but once you realize you are still alive you can make small movements and actions your first priority. You can and will recover, you need to get your body moving, even small movements retrains yourself and heals the wounds of the past. Live for the moment and aim for the future, the past only helps us, even if it was a crushing blow that broke your board. Live life, stay active - go surf.

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