The aerospace industry and components are always under a critical eye, and failures are not an option. The high standards associated with the aerospace industry need that all components must be consistent and exact while constantly evolving with manufacturing innovations. In addition, alloys used in aerospace applications should withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and meet high mechanical needs.
Type 321 stainless steel tube, an austenite alloy, is stabilized with titanium and making it resistant to intergranular attack made by chromium carbide precipitation. When revealed to temperatures in chromium carbide precipitation range from 800 to 1500°F, 321 stainless steel tubes maintains its stability. This alloy 321 is used throughout the aerospace industry in such parts as jet engine parts, flanges, exhaust ducts, and piston engine exhaust manifolds. This infographic shares some reasons why the aeronautics industry uses 321 stainless steel tube.  

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