If you haven't had a good night's sleep since your baby was born, you are not alone. Sleepless nights are a rite of passage for most new parents but don't despair. You can help your baby sleep all night. When you try to make your baby sleep, make sure that the room is quiet and dark. This will help you a lot in making your baby fall asleep faster. This infographic talks about the 06 Techniques To Make Your Baby Sleep In A Baby Cot.

Follow a consistent, calming bedtime routine. If you regularly follow a routine for your baby's sleep time, things will get easy for you. Try making the baby get a short nap during the day time in the cot to get her familiar with their sleeping area. When you make space warm, quiet and cosy, babies will fall asleep faster than their regular time. Also, you can keep a warm bottle in the baby cot before making the baby sleep inside.

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