002 My Separated Spouse Says He Can't And Won't Love Me Again: My Husband Doesn't Love Me Anymore What Do I Do

It is a very frightening experience when you realize that your husband has fallen out of love in your marriage. You may despair as you assume that your situation has reached a point of no return. However, you should not give up. There are steps that will actually help you to get your husband back in love with you once more.

Perhaps the situation has gone beyond reading the signs, and your husband has actually told you that he no longer feels the same way about you. While you will undoubtedly be hurt by his statement, you should not necessarily give in and let go of the relationship you still cherish. So long as you are committed and learn the appropriate steps, you will be able to get your husband back in love with you again. Here are some helpful pointers that will lead in the winning path.

Accept your husband's feelings

While you may feel like opposing your husband's point of view as strongly as you can, this is actually counterproductive. Pleading with him to change his stance will only make him even more resolved in his decision. You should instead accept how he feels about you and the marriage.

You should then go a step further and let him be aware of your acceptance. Although it may cut you almost to the bone, you should accept it when he wants a separation. This may actually be a blessing in disguise and not the end of your relationship as it appears.

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When you accept his decision, your husband will appreciate the fact that you respect his point of view. And the period when you are apart will help him to experience the kind of life he will lead in your absence. The emptiness he is likely to experience will make him begin to miss you.

Be confident

You will appeal more to your husband when you have a great sense of confidence. Men love stable women who are not entirely dependent on them. You need to be quite strong emotionally as well.

Your husband will be more interested in you when he knows that you have made a deliberate choice to be with him. If you make it appear that you need to be with him, he will begin to lose interest.

You should take measures that will help you to improve in a variety of ways. You may either take a hobby or pursue further studies.

You should do something that enhances how good you feel about yourself if you want to get your husband back in love with you. It may sound ironic, but you will actually interest your husband more when he realizes that you can go on well with your life even in his absence.

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Do you think chemistry in a marriage is something that "happens just naturally"? I am sorry to be a wet blanket and disappoint you. The truth is chemistry cannot be created if it does not exist in the first place. However, if there is constant spark in the marriage, there are plenty that you and your spouse can do to fan the flames.

What do you understand by chemistry in a marriage?

It can be a little difficult to phantom if you never really have never felt any strong chemistry with another person. However, the fact that you are married to your spouse, there must have been some chemistry to begin with. In simple term, it is a sense you get when you meet someone and your gut feeling just tell you that you are meant to be together. There will be a strong physical attraction and both of you feels perfectly at ease with each other when you are together. No doubt hormones and looks do play a part, but it can also happens when both of you share the same dreams, habits, beliefs and pet peeves.

Tip 1 - Get Physical But Do Not Get Physical

This has to be handled delicately. Sometimes, just a touch on the hand or the knee can increase the chemistry in your marriage. There will be times when you can turn off your spouse by getting too physical. It is highly encouraged that you have an open conversation and discuss what physical features each of you find most attractive about each other. You then can use the information you gain to your advantage.

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Tip 2 - Pump Up Your Adrenaline!

Your spouse will find you more attractive if you can make time alone with him exciting. It does not matter if the situation is pleasurable or not. Why this works is because it is human nature to associate excitement with physical attraction. Plan an outing that gets your adrenaline pumping like going to a theme park and taking the rollercoaster ride or even watching a scary movie.

Tip 3 - You Need To Develop a Rapport!

No chemistry can be built unless you have a good rapport. The rapport may not be quite prominent if you are newly married or the marriage has gone through a crisis. You need to create rapport by having a conversation on topic both of you can bond over. You need to make sure that the topic is something pleasant and low-stress. An example on a topic that does not help your spouse associate you as a fun a pleasurable person is talking about the children or the in-laws although both of you love discussing it.

Tip 4 - Be Humorous!

Laughter relaxes a person and it makes your spouse feel at ease with you. It is also fun. You do not need to be a professional comedy entertainer. Just make it neutral and clean and most importantly do not offend your spouse.

Tip 5 - Do Not Be Shy But Be Expressive

No chemistry in a relationship can happen unless your spouse know the real you. Do not keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Make it a point to let him know and share your feelings, opinions and thoughts on issues important to you and to him. Sometimes your spouse can fall head over heel for you again with just a single off-hand comment you make.

It can sometimes be a mystery and a little difficult to control but a strong chemistry with your spouse can help zest up your marriage in a long way. Make sure you add humor, excitement, build a good rapport and trust your spouse. It is a sure way to a loving and lasting marriage.

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Many people are wondering what they can do in order to save their marriage and live the life they want with their partner. The truth is that you don't have to get a divorce, and in fact it should be a last resort. Many people jump the gun by getting a divorce prematurely. It's much better to try to work things out first, not simply argue over and over, hoping for a different result.

When a relationship starts to go downhill, there is often a lot of anger and resentment. The first and best step you can take with each other is to forgive. Forgive yourself and your partner for all of the things said and done over the months or years. There is usually quite a bit of arguing and things that are said are often regretted. You don't have to live with that guilt or feelings of resentment.

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Before you can truly move on with your relationship, you need to set things straight and talk to each other. Forgive each other completely for everything that has happened between the two of you. Without completely forgiveness, there will always be that nagging frustration and bitterness that will effect the relationship in one way or another. Many relationships fail because couples do not address these problems with they come up. Instead they ignore them or downplay them, tossing them off as problems everyone has which don't need to be talked about.

When this happens, anger and resentment grows between the two people involved. This leads to fight after fight, which doesn't get anyone anywhere. You never want to fight, only calmly talk about how you feel. Certainly a small amount of fighting is healthy and normal, but when your are yelling at each other more than talking things out, that's when you begin to have a problem. You always want to make sure you keep your calm and talk things out rationally.

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We all have needs in life. One of the most important of those needs are companionship. Thousands of people across the globe are in a "I Want to Save My Marriage" crisis. Marriages where children are involved, newlyweds, and even elderly marriages experience problems that test the strength of their relationship.

The fact of the matter is that marriage is an extension of friendship. Its the greatest friendship you can have with a person. A friendship that truly makes you accept another person for better or for worse, take them in sickness and in health, and to love and to cherish till death takes you.

My god marriage is powerful and so many us take if for granted nowadays. We lose sight on what's important and before we even realize it, whats important is gone. We feel like there's nothing we can do except spend hundreds of dollars to sit next to our partner in front of a counselor and talk about the problems.

Either this or we end up getting divorced because we don't know what to do to save the marriage. There are three steps to saving a marriage. Those steps are first identifying the problems that are weighing the marriage down, make compromises and commitments to each other, and make the marriage different than it was before.

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It should definitely go without saying that communication is the foundation of any relationship. Without communication, we'd all be in caves writing pictographs on rocks. You and your partner need to sit down, be open and honest as you talk about the problems you both feel are causing the marriage to sink.

You both identify those problems and then make compromises and commitments that show you both are going to do your part together to fix those problems. Just like we all stay committed to finishing school and going to work, you'll have to stay committed to fixing the problems in the marriage.

The next thing you should keep in mind about saving a marriage is that you should have the ability to change for the better. Change is a powerful force and no matter what Dr. House says on fox, change is a good thing. Always.

You need to be able to bring positive influences back into your marriage. Showing him that you can do things for him or showing her you can do things for her. You be spontaneous. Taking the initiative to prove that just because you are married, it doesn't mean that romance has left the building.

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Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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