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Donna from North Carolina wrote me to ask me that question As a Law of Attraction relationship coach, here's the relationship advice I have for her. Donna, I'm so glad that you know that you definitely need to let go of the past before you can successfully attract a new and lasting love.

The Law of Attraction states "you attract more of what you focus on." Before we can find and keep love, clearing out the past and healing old wounds is necessary. They take up emotional space. It's impossible to occupy a space when that space is already taken. You'd never try to park your car in a spot that already had a car there.. Then why try to have a successful relationship when holding onto hurts or grudges from the past?

You can get online Law of Attraction relationship coaching to teach you how to create emotional space as a way of clearing that out. You want to look at what energy you're holding about the hurt. Also you've got a belief that is running in the background that doesn't serve you. Once you clear out your past hurt and the energy it holds, you'll be able to welcome in the one who will light up your life..

You may have a smile on your face and be dressed to the nines with a smile on your face, but you've got this energy field you're dragging around that's draining your energy and killing the possibility of living a happy fulfilling life in relationship~As long as you're dragging around the past with all the drama and trauma, it doesn't matter where you go or how good you look, you won't be completely fulfilled.

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