Are you a manager or business owner in denial?

• Are you one of those managers or business owner who denies that your personal life is creating havoc for you?
• Do you deny the impact that your personal life’s challenges is having on your work and business environment?
• Do you take your personal situation out on your colleagues, staff and team members or associates?
• Have you become the office bully because you can't see another way out?
• Do you find that the pretence of having a perfect home life is weighing you down?
• Is the façade or pretence distracting you from your business priorities and success?
• Are your business and working relationships starting to fall apart too?
• Do you recognise how much you are making your work colleagues lives life miserable by your actions or inactions?
• Are others walking on egg shells and tip toeing around you right now for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing that might upset you?

Allow me to enable you to throw out the challenges that are impacting on your personal and business life to get the clarity and find solutions that you need to create the path for your future success. To LiBERATE YOU!

I had a client in the past who was a successful businessman and who had different challenges going on in his personal and business life. His personal challenge regarding his children caused him the greatest anguish and had been for a number of years. This situation had also spilled over into his workplace and clearly affected the working environment and the strain he endured was evident to his staff.

When we first worked together he shared both challenges and his natural reaction was to work on the working relationship situation challenging him at work. Once he had the clarity he needed regarding his work situation, he didn’t think for one minute (or he couldn’t bring himself to ask for help) that he could use the same coaching process to get clarity and solutions relating to his personal situation!

Thankfully, after our discussion he could see how my 3 Month Parent and Relationship Liberation Programme could help him.

Is this you too? Do you plod along with your head in the sand hoping that your personal situation will sort itself out? Or do you not allow yourself to recognise that you even have a personal challenge that needs attention?

I was speaking to a very good associate and contact of mine who is a business coach and he revealed that one of his main challenges with his clients is their personal life! Whilst he could only support them so much regarding their business challenges, goals and breakthroughs, he recognised that all of that work could be to no avail because their lives were having such a detrimental impact on their business life, to the extend where things could go ‘belly up’ but unfortunately his business owner clients do nothing about it. Is this you?

Do you know, we all have 'stuff' going on in our lives, no matter who we are or what we are? We wouldn't be humans if we didn't. What matters most is how we deal with the 'stuff' or challenges that we face on a regular basis.

Even the greatest of the greats and most successful people among us have personal challenges and ‘stuff’ going on! How they handle it is what matters most.

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“The coaching helped me to focus on what I need to prioritise in my life and how to effectively achieve these changes. Jennifer challenged me and took me to the edge of my comfort zone at times which is exactly what I needed.”
Ali Murray, Ignition Training & Development

“I have made massive changes to my lifestyle already by making
a positive decision to move to Northern Ireland, actually taking steps to
arrange accommodation, applying for employment and organising to rent my
home out in Birmingham. This has all taken place within approximately 4
weeks. Jennifer made me sit up and do something positive about it, to
actually improve my life for me and for once in my life to actually put
myself first. I am extremely grateful to Jennifer to give me the strength
and courage to take these steps. Jennifer has helped me to turn my life around for the better.”
Jackie Scott

“It’s not just work-focused coaching that people need. They need a balance as other things affect people’s performance.”
David Battersby, Prime Focus

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