The best cheap pet meds are generic brands - they're approved by the FDA, safe, and just as effective as their expensive brand name alternatives. Given that, why would anyone want to still pay extra for your pet drugs?

To learn more about popular generic pet drugs and whether they are a good option for your beloved pet, keep reading.


Ivermectin is used to prevent heartworm. It's also the drug used in Heartgard - a popular, and expensive, heartworm medication found in most veterinarian offices. Typically, Ivermectin is administered as a monthly pill.

Savvy pet med buyers can buy basic, generic Ivermectin or other generic brands like TriHeart, ValueHeart and IverHeart.


Clyndamycin is an antibiotic used in both humans and animals to treat skin infections and diseases like toxoplasmosis, a particularly dangerous condition for pregnant women. The brand name version of the drug is called Cleocin.

Hydroxyzine as an Antihistamine

Hydroxyzine is the generic version of Atarax - an antihistamine used to treat inflammatory problems and allergic reactions like snake bites, insect bites, itchy skin, and severe skin allergies.


Selegiline is a drug used to treat a neural condition known as canine cognitive dysfunction system, basically any of the mental symptoms associated with old age. So, reduced coordination or confusion would be within scope here. The brand name version of the drug is called Anipryl.

Enalapril - a Generic Brand

Enalapril is a drug used to treat heart conditions and outright heart failure. The medication helps the heart pump at a consistent rate and allows for increased blood flow. The brand name version of the drug is Enacard.

Generic Meds - Are They Cheaper?

Yes, generic pet medications are typically 40 to 50 percent cheaper than their brand name alternatives and sometimes by as much as 70 or 80 percent. Because there are multiple manufacturers for many generic drugs, you may also find even cheaper prices thanks to competitive pricing.

Generic Meds - How Can I Get Them?

In most states, you can ask for a generic version of a drug unless your veterinarian has specifically stated that the prescription is for the brand name only and there are to be no substitutions by the issuing pharmacy. If you're worried, ask your veterinarian to simply prescribe the generic version of the drug.

Of course, the rules surrounding pet medications vary from state to state. Some require the pharmacy to automatically issue the generic drug unless indicated otherwise. Meanwhile, a few states demand that authorization be obtained from the doctor or veterinarian before a generic alternative can be sold.

Are Generic Pet Medications as Safe as Brand Name Options?

Buying cheap pet meds doesn't mean you're coming home with low-quality pet meds. Every prescribed drug in the United States, whether for people or animals, must be approved by the FDA and held to a high standard of quality. To make sure you're getting quality, generic medications, always buy from an approved pet pharmacy based in the U.S.

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